FAQ's for Fundraisers and for Donors

Fundraiser FAQ's

What type of projects can fundraise on this platform?

Any project that is fiscally sponsored by From the Heart Productions can fundraise on this site. This includes, but is not limited to documentaries, feature films, short films, and web series.

What is fiscal sponsorship?

As a 501(c)(3) public charity, From the Heart Productions sponsors film projects with our non-profit status. This allows projects to solicit donations that are tax deductible for donors. That gives people a powerful incentive to give money to your project.

Other benefits of being fiscally sponsored by From the Heart include access to thousands of grants requiring working with non-profit, special discounts on film services and products, savings on our how-to film fund Intentional Filmmaking Class, as well as guidance and counseling on raising money for your film.

If you want to learn more about fiscal sponsorship and its benefits, please go to What is Fiscal Sponsorship or go to Fiscal Sponsorship FAQ's. You can apply for fiscal sponsorship by submitting a fiscal sponsorship application.

What is the appropriate funding level to set my goal?

You can set your goal for whatever your project requires. But, it should be a target that is likely to be achieved. One guideline for setting your goal if you have a short time frame to reach that goal (30 to 60 days) is to figure what you can reach in first two or three days of fundraising. In that time, you want to reach 30% of your goal. Fundraisers for projects that raise 30% of their goal in first 3 days have much higher probability of succeeding. Strangers, on average, do not contribute to your campaign until they see it's reached the 30% mark.

If you need help deciding what goal would work best for your project, please contact us at info@fromtheheartproductions.com

What happens if the project does not reach its goal?

Even if a project does not reach its goal, all funds raised will go toward the project.

What if the project exceeds its goal?

Great! All funds raised will go toward the project and can help provide additional resources and opportunities for the cause.

What size donations should I request?

We've found from experience that it's best to start your smallest donation at $25. While you may not be crowdfunding, $25 is the most popular donation on Indiegogo and Kickstarter. Its a modest contribution, but signifacant for those truly interested in your project.

Can donors help cover my fiscal sponsorship and credit card fees?

Yes, one of the unique features of fundraising on this site is the "Tip" popup after a donation is made. It offers the donor an opportunity to make an additional donation to help cover the fiscal sponsorship fee (which includes the credit card fees). We've provided options based on the most popular donation amounts. The donor then only has to choose an option to add the amount on to the donation. They can also calculate their own amount if desired.

How will I know a donation has been made to my project?

You will receive an email notification with the amount of the donation. Donors choose whether to share their information with you and/or on your page. If a donor chose to share his info with you, the email notification will include the name of the donor and any special message he included with the donation. It will also be added to the running total on the project page (if you entered a goal amount).

What should I put on my fundraising page?

A great fundraising page will include a pitch video, pictures, and a compelling story with a call to action. The pitch video is the single most important element of your fundraising campaign. It's essentially your elevator pitch that conveys to potential donors who you are, what you're film is about, and why people should care enough to fund it. Keep it to 2 ½ to 3 minutes.

Under that should go text that tells your story, and offer additional details about the project, such as a breakdown of the budget, a synopsis, and cast and crew bios. Explain who you are and why you are trying to raise the money. Include pictures and infographics.

How do I add extra pictures to my page?

You can add additional images and content to the section called "Tell your friends why you are raising money for your project". If you haven't already, check out the page Setup Instructions for step by step instructions on setting up your page.

What's the best way to ensure success?

Get people to spread the word about your project. Share your project page on social media. Regular posting on Facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc. will keep your project relevant and create a sense of urgency. Post at least a couple of times each week. Try to send out an email at least once a week to your friends and family. Update your page with new information or video if possible once a week to create interest and get people to re-visit your project.

Can I get help fundraising my project?

Absolutely. Every filmmaker that is fiscally sponsored receives a free Consultation with Carole Dean, president of From the Heart Productions. She will review and analyze your materials – your proposal, trailer, pitch, etc. – and work with you to create a successful plan for funding your film. Additional consultations are available at ½ off for fiscally sponsored filmmakers.

We've also collected educational articles and interviews on Film Fundraising and Financing that you should read to help guide you.

Can I collect info through my page, such as shipping address, clothing sizes, or who declined the Thank You Gift for their donations?

Unfortunately, Network For Good does not have this capability.

Can I sell event tickets through my page?

Unfortunately, Network For Good does not have this capability through our portal.

What if I need technical support?

Technical support for your project is available at info@fromtheheartproductions.com.

Will From the Heart help me promote my project?

From the Heart sends a newsletter out each month with a link to this site encouraging readers to check out our fiscally sponsored projects. It's possible that some projects will be highlighted in newsletter. We'll follow you on twitter (and hope you follow us back) and possibly retweet updates on your project.

However, project owners should NOT rely on this as the only way to generate traffic to their pages. It is up to the project owners to send their projects out to friends and family and fans to encourage support.

When do you distribute my funds for my project?

Funds will be sent out twice a month to the bank account provided to From the Heart during the fiscal sponsorship application process.

Donor FAQ's

Are donations made to From the Heart Productions to a project through GiveCorps tax-deductible?

Yes! From the Heart Productions is a 501(c)3 non-profit. All donations made to From the Heart for a project that we fiscally sponsor is tax deductible.

Will 100% of my gift go towards the cause that I support

All of your donation will go to the project selected less the 7% fiscal sponsor fee. This fee covers the credit card processing fee as well as accounting, project servicing, and for our other efforts to support filmmakers such as the Roy W. Dean Grant. Donors can help cover this fee for a project by adding on to their initial donation upon check out.

How will I know my donation submission was successful?

You will receive an email confirming your donation, your message to the filmmaker, and the amount.

Will I get a letter stating that the donation was tax deductible?

The email that you will receive listing your donation amount and the project notes that the donation was made to a non-profit and therefore tax deductible. You can print the email out for your records.

Is my information secure?

Yes! The crowdfunding platform, GiveCorps, which has partnered with the From the Heart Productions, will not share any of your information. All gifts are collected through From the Heart's official payment processing vendor, PayPal.

Can I contribute anonymously?

Yes! If you prefer not to have your name listed as a donor, simply uncheck the box that says "display name when you checkout."

Can I pay by check that I mail?

Yes! Please include a note with your check that you are supporting a specific project and we will make sure that your contribution goes towards the project's totals. Mail all checks to:

From the Heart Productions

1455 Mandalay Beach Rd

Oxnard, CA 91505

Can I support multiple projects?

Of course. Once you select one project to support, you will be prompted to continue reviewing projects or go to checkout, similar to an online shopping experience.

About Network for Good

What is Network for Good?

Network for Good provides web-based, mobile-ready, and donor centered solutions to nonprofit organizations that want to create a socially connected and rewarding giving experience for their community of donors.

Are my online donations made through Network for Good safe and secure?

Network for Good's web applications follow the best practices in Internet security, and use the strongest encryptions (SSL) available among popular browsers. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy.

Where can I learn more about Network for Good?

Please visit http://www.networkforgood.com/about/ to learn more about our company and our online giving strategies and solutions.