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Operation Backpack A Project of Documentaries

In a Northern Romanian village hundreds of children work hard to earn their daily living by illegally smuggling goods over the Romanian-Ukrainian border.Their families live in poverty, and children are pressured to give up their childhood dreams and become part of a very complex game in the dangerous world of trafficking illegal goods.

Without education, basic teachings of good and bad, without opportunities to grow emotionally and intellectually and to develop skills and talents , these children are an easy target for those who will take advantage of their immaturity and pliability and do not care about their future.

These same children become the leaders in this activity in years to come, emerging as the group coordinators, supervisors, border spies, deliverers and intermediaries.

Slowly but surely, these children lose any sense of bad vs. good and they become blind to justice as they inherit the commonality of lying, abuse, and hate. The smuggling mindset feeds an octopus-like system from which it is almost impossible to escape.

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  • Sora Annie G.
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    Its exciting to learn of the progress of this film, as well as Bahara, another project that will make a huge difference!
  • VLAD D.
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    Pup - ma bucur sa vad ca faceti asta.
  • Sora Annie G.
    I Gave $500
    Wow! What a beautiful venture to highlight tragedy and opportunity. We really can make a difference by raising awareness and love.