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United States of Mind Film A Project of Documentaries

10,000 Miles. 32 States. 3 Seekers of Happiness. 2 Goals. 1 Mission. A documentary about fighting depression and finding happiness.

Our story is one that aligns with those of our ancestors. To leave home and journey to new lands in search of something greater. Why are we doing this? Because we hope for a better, brighter, happier future.

Our film will be a catalogue of our journey investigating the topics of happiness and depression. We're going to talk to people who have first-hand experiences with depression and happiness, as well as those who study it.

Depression has seriously plagued the last three generations of Americans. What is the underlying theme of our culture that makes it so? We want to discover our cultural perception of happiness and deconstruct this perception that leaves so many feeling empty.

We've personally gone through bouts of depression. We've felt isolated, sad, and hopeless. By experiencing these lows, we've grown to live even greater highs. With nearly 20 million people in America dealing with depression every single year, something has to change. We want to shine the spotlight on this overwhelming issue and give hope for a brighter future to as many people as possible.

Depression isn't talked about as openly as it should be for something that so many people suffer from. It's considered a taboo topic to discuss and makes people uncomfortable in many cases. We want to open the door. To make it okay to talk about. To get rid of the insecure feelings typically associated with depression and make it the norm to ask for help.

The purpose of the film is to investigate the who, what, and why's of depression; to create a platform of discussion and take active steps towards solving this issue; to get down to the roots of where happiness lies. Our mission is to pave the way towards a happier global community. Our first goal is to bring the issue of depression into the limelight and inspire the masses to begin taking action against this cause, and our second goal is to instill joie de vivre into all those who seek it.

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