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The Creative High A Project of Documentaries

"Creativity is a drug I cannot live without." – Cecil B. DeMille


The Creative High is a documentary feature film that illustrates the transformative nature of recovery through artistic expression, and how artist subjects re-create their lives in order to live free of addiction. Bringing the viewer into the worlds of hip-hop, drag performance, punk music, and featuring artists who create dance, theater and visual art, The Creative High demonstrates the tension that exists between the altered states of creativity and addictive behavior.


The Creative High speaks to the toll that substance abuse takes, the misunderstanding and stigma that exists, and the power of the arts in recovery. All of us know, or have heard stories about artists who have had their lives adversely affected and even destroyed by addiction. We live in a world where there are countless ways to escape and get caught in negative cycles. There is immense shame that people feel in response to their addictive habits. When not properly identified and treated, these addictions trap people in isolation and shame, often resulting in severe mental health problems. The Creative High offers creative solutions and bold character studies to highlight the web of addiction and offer a fresh perspective. In pursuing artists to film, we have encountered an overwhelming response from artists who are willing to speak openly about their addictions and their creative process. The willingness of these artists to speak on camera is in itself a powerful statement. By raising money we can continue to produce this film and offer hope to artists who are currently in grips of addiction. The Creative High will benefit artists who have unique challenges to face in their recovery process, and provide information to future artists helping them avoid addictive cycles in conjunction with their artistic expression. Donations to The Creative High will help herald an important discussion about art and addiction, and bring much needed resources to the recovery movement.


Jason Bernhardt, a San Francisco native was in and out of recovery until his late 30's. Growing up with an alcoholic mother who died from cancer while he was young, Jason used drugs and alcohol to manage the loss. He was a musician while active in his addiction, but now in recovery for 9 years, Jason makes stone sculptures in his warehouse studio to maintain his peace of mind and find inspiration.

Peter Griggs, aka U-Phoria, a drag performer and theater artist, actively performs in venues throughout San Francisco maintaining 15 years in recovery from drugs and alcohol. Peter was adopted and comes from Native American and African American descent. He found theater at a young age which helped him survive his battle with drugs, homelessness and an AIDS diagnosis. Griggs is dedicated to being of service in his LGBT community through his performance work, and organizes fundraisers to help individuals and organizations that promote recovery.

Painter and retired librarian Kathy Page describes how she discovered art in recovery, "As I came into recovery and started to have access to my life again, color started seeping in". Kathy developed her art after being sober for over ten years, as it enhanced her spiritual life and gave her a new language to express her emotions and memories. Kathy inspires others to create and also brings great wisdom as a recovery mentor in her 12-step community.

Brandon Michael Randle, uses the stage name 'Dopeless'. He is a hip hop musician who raps about his struggle with drug addiction and the freedom of recovery. Brandon grew up with a single mother, his father abandoning them when he was young. Brandon's day job is at Panda Express, but he is a tireless promoter of his music. He works hard to bring hope and inspiration to his fans through his lyrics and his beats using his recovery journey as a platform which offers a different message in this music genre.


Adriana Marchione, MA, REAT, RSMT, has been involved in the arts for over twenty five years as a filmmaker, exhibiting visual artist, movement educator, Argentine tango dancer, arts curator and healing artist. Marchione brings her extensive experience as expressive arts therapist and educator to this film project. She was awarded Artist of the Year in 2016 by In Recovery magazine. Marchione has worked with clients and students for close to 20 years witnessing artists from different backgrounds and orientations wrestle with their addictions – to alcohol, drugs, sex, work, food and dysfunctional relationships. She has presented at international conferences for expressive arts, drama therapy and related fields, and spearheaded many noteworthy projects and programs including the Arts at CIIS Program at California Institute of Integral Studies where she was art curator and director from 2002-2009. Marchione is a popular educator influenced by her position as core faculty member of the Tamalpa Institute, an internationally renowned training center for movement-based expressive arts education. She created When the Fall Comes in 2013, a performance project that culminated in a film based on her own life story encountering intimate grief and loss. When the Fall Comes garnered a significant audience and toured festivals around the world. She has been active in her own recovery from alcoholism since 1993. Find more about Adriana's work at


Dianne Griffin is an award-winning filmmaker based in San Francisco, California. Her current documentary Painted Nails, (co-producer, director) follows a Vietnamese salon owner's life-changing journey. Painted Nails premiered to standing ovations at Cinequest Film Festival, opening in the Bay Area at CAAMFest16 to sold out shows and has screened at over twenty film festivals around the globe. Painted Nails is currently being broadcast on PBS stations across the United States and Canada. Traveling the world, Griffin has produced and directed many documentaries including White Hotel, shot in Eritrea East Africa for world-renowned organizations and companies. Actively involved in the documentary film community, Dianne Griffin teaches documentary filmmaking including crowd-funding and social media marketing. She has chaired the United Nations Association Film Festival for over 18 years. Dianne draws her inspiration from her work with the people around her, creating intimate connections and telling stories of dignity, suffering and compassion, which move us to act. For more information check out:, or


In December of 2017 one of our donors gave us a matching donation of $5000. We were able to to meet this match which gives us enough resources to complete our filming in the first part of 2018. We are still taking year-end donations, and will continue to be asking for individual donations to raise the necessary funds to pay for the work of post-production (editing, music, sound design and other necessary expenses). Our minimum budget for post-production is $55,000. Outside of the money raised through this site, we have gathered other funding sources to meet our filming expenses. If you have questions about the film funding and budget and/or would like to inquire about backing The Creative High, please contact director Adriana Marchione at


We are grateful for each donation of any amount towards our fundraising goal. If you are able to offer a larger donation to champion The Creative High film project, here are the categories for funders:

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The Creative High is a non profit entity fiscally sponsored by From the Heart Productions, a 501c3 (EIN 95-4445418).

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