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NOTES on a VIOLIN A Project of Documentaries

NOTES on a VIOLIN is a short documentary film which follows a violin teacher who wants to promote beauty in an otherwise dissonant world.

With his unusual methods of recruitment as well as teaching, Darren Briggs' contagious passion attracts students and the curious. This quirky, slice of life story invites us to rethink our ability to live harmoniously among discordancy.

How did this film come about?

I first met Darren Briggs on a busy street corner, where unbelievably, amid the cacophony of traffic, people, and busy shops, he and his student were playing the violin. Being instantly drawn to Darren's philosophy on learning and his unceasing love of the violin, I knew that this was a story that needed to be told.

What has been done with the film?

For over a year, I've used any resources and means available to chronicle and document Darren's story. This labor of love resulted in a short film that is as heartwarming as it is quirky. At this time, I need that last bit of financial push to complete the film.

What stage is the film in currently?

NOTES on a VIOLIN is in its final stage, sound mixed and ready to go. Thanks to the many generous donations, the film has been sound mixed, and submitted to various film festivals. Fingers crossed!

Any last bit of donations can help to offset costs for exhibition formats, press kits, as well as possible travel costs.

Why should you help support this film?

NOTES on a VIOLIN shines a light on a passionate man who's sole mission in life is to teach as many people as he can the beauty of playing the violin, crescendoing into a heartwarming message that we all deserve to hear.

What rewards do you get for your fiscal support/donation?

Every donor receives a one-of-a-kind print from the production of NOTES on a VIOLIN, as well as an advanced online screener of the complete film.

Your support is greatly appreciated!

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