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The Undiscovered Country A Project of Feature Films

A micro-budget independent feature film needs your support!


The Undiscovered Country follows Grace, a young woman who begins to experience mysterious supernatural visions in the immediate aftermath of her mother's death. When she can find no comfort in her family, she abandons everything and goes on an impulsive, bizarre journey that takes her through New York City and into a small town in the Hudson Valley. There, she'll begin to piece together the meaning of these visions before having to confront the realities of her life that sent her on the run in the first place.

The film is a psychological drama that will include comedic moments, surreal interludes and a focus on naturalistic performances. It's going to be bold and emphatic - with dream sequences, abrupt shifts in tone and sudden jumps in time. There will be things in the movie for everyone: funny moments, intense scenes, a sprinkle of art-house pizzaz and some good, old-fashioned mystery.

This will not feel like every other low budget first feature. There will not be 80 minutes of mumbling conversation intercut with shots of grass at sunrise set to an acoustic guitar soundtrack. This film will be a bold, bright, loud, messy, out-of-focus, overflowing experience. Or, well, so we hope.

(Above: images from movies that have inspired the script and will be drawn on to shape the cinematic style of the finished film. From top to bottom: Don't Look Now, Opening Night, The Double Life of Veronique, 3 Women)


Our project has 501(c)3 status, thanks to fiscal sponsorship through From The Heart Productions, based in Oxnard, California. This is very exciting and means that...

Any dollar amount that you donate can be used as a 1:1, 100% tax deductible dollar donation.

From the Heart Productions will take a 7% service charge and the rest of the dollar amount will reach our production. From the Heart will provide a receipt which you can then use under the itemized deductions in the donations portion of your taxes. You can then use the 100% tax deductible amount to adjust your gross income.


Making movies is an expensive task. We're hoping to make a feature-length film for with a budget similar to many festival-qualifying short films. The $15,000 or more that we hope to raise here will be a sizable portion of the finances that we need to bring this film to fruition.

Here are just some of things that your donation will be go towards:

  • Meals for our cast and crew over our approximately 25 day shooting schedule. This, as you can probably imagine, adds up quite quickly.
  • Transportation costs - getting our team and our equipment to set.
  • Equipment rentals and purchases. Our production will be lean-and-mean as far as gear goes... but we still need a camera and lenses to make ourselves some images.
  • Paying our actors, because we'd rather not make a movie about empty rooms.
  • Location fees - securing permits for unique locations is key for a low budget production like ours.
  • Post-Production expenses, which include buying hard drives to store and back up our footage, color grading, sound mixing, making our final deliverables (for projection, Blu-Rays, etc.), film festival fees...

And much more! The miscellaneous and unexpected costs of filmmaking are many. We've made very small budgets go a long way in the past -- and we hope to do the same with this project.


Tim O'Connor :: Writer & Director

Tim is a writer, director and actor living in New York City. He began his professional work in production departments on films such as Men in Black 3, The Dark Knight Rises and Frances Ha. His short films as a writer-director include Jesus Talk, which premiered on PBS Channel 13 in 2014, and Five Hard Lessons, which was included in the Student Selects program and won the IFP Audience Award at the Columbia University Film Festival. As an actor, he has played lead roles in Till The Cows Come Home and Getting In, which recently won First Place at the Ha! Fest Comedy Festival. He graduated from Vassar College and is currently an MFA Candidate for Film Directing at Columbia University.

Andrew K. Li :: Producer

Andrew is from Hong Kong and is based in New York. He has produced features and shorts that have screened at international film festivals, including the prestigious New Directors/New Films series presented by MoMA and the Cannes Film Festival. He also produced a TV movie, 5 States of Fear (2014), which was backed by NBCUniversal, and a number of commercial spots. Li recently graduated with an MFA in Creative Producing from Columbia University's Graduate School of the Arts. He also served as a jury member for the Asian American International Film Festival and as Assistant Director of the Columbia University Film Festival.

Ophelia Harutyunyan :: Co-Producer

Ophelia was born and raised in Armenia and is currently based out of New York. She holds an LL.M. degree from Stockholm University and an MFA in Film from Columbia University. Ophelia produced Standing8, starring Jon Michael Hill, which won best narrative short at Urbanworld Film Festival, was honored as best student film from the DGA and Ojai Film Fest. She associate produced the feature film My First Kiss and The People Involved, which will premiere in the 2016 LA Film Festival. In 2014 Ophelia received the Arthur Krim Memorial Award for excellence in producing. She received the Katharina Otto-Bernstein Film Fund for her short film Red Apples, which she wrote and produced. The film was awarded the Best Film prize at the 2016 Columbia University Film Festival and she was granted the Richard Brick Award for Special Distinction in Line Producing for it.

Eric Schuman :: Cinematographer

Eric is a NYC-based cinematographer and director. Over the years, he has shot many short films and music videos, including the short Jesus Talk, which premiered on PBS and the music video "Bon Voyage" for the band Workout, which was sponsored by Converse. Recently, his newest short film won the Emerging Filmmaker Award from Columbia University. He graduated with honors from Vassar College and is currently an MFA Candidate for Film Directing at Columbia University.

Renée Marie Petropoulos :: Production Designer

Renée is an award winning filmmaker, receiving her BA degree in Media Art

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