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Pretty Broken - The Film A Project of Feature Films

Lindsey Lou has a problem...

A missing father/psychic brother/drinking mother/estranged husband/washed-up local TV host/used car/sherpa/goat kind of problem.

Her life is pretty messed up, pretty absurd, pretty heartbreaking, and pretty uplifting all at the same time.


"Pretty Broken" is a story about a family trying to keep their head above water while being weighed down with the death of their most beloved family member. We all cope with grief and despair in different ways; maybe you've experienced this kind of loss or watched helplessly as someone close to you has stumbled through this dance. "Pretty Broken" follows our heroine, Lindsey Lou, as she tries to learn the steps after the death of her father. We're making this movie as a reminder that no matter how dark life may seem- if you're willing to wait it out- good things will appear on the horizon. Never lose hope and never give up on those you love.


Director - Brett Eichenberger is an award-winning film director from the Pacific Northwest. His 2011 debut feature, Light of Mine, was one of four films selected out of over 4,000 entries in the Breakthrough category for the 25th annual AFI Film Festival held in Los Angeles. His work includes short films for the U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. State Department, and multinational corporations Nike and Intel.

Writer/Producer - Jill Remensnyder earned her Theatre Arts degree from Portland State University with a focus on writing for the stage and screen. Her body of work as a writer and producer includes features, shorts, music videos, commercials, and web content. Wolf Blitzer, amongst others in journalism, have compared her comedy writing to something out of a SNL skit.

Producer - Susan Bernhardt is an award-winning producer - a true pioneer in the digital space with her hit teen drama Miss Behave, which won 30+ awards. She now produces the Indie Series Awards which honor digital programming and has expanded into feature film production with By God's Grace, which released in late 2014. She also runs a successful boutique PR firm.

Star/Producer - Jillian Clare is a showbiz veteran and award-winning actress and producer. At just 23 years old, she has been in blockbusters such as the original Spider-Man, won awards for her work on Days of our Lives, been on the kids network Nickelodeon, starred in numerous plays, and musicals, produced and starred in digital dramas and a comedy, and most recently opened her own production company. Her true love is indie features like Pretty Broken that have an impact on society and leave an everlasting impression with the audience.

Our cast includes Jillian Clare (Alien Abduction, Days of Our Lives, Miss Behave), Peter Holden (The Social Network, Alien Abduction, The Dark Knight Rises), Preston Bailey (Dexter, The Crazies, Nothing But The Truth) and Adam Chambers (Night of the Living Dead 3D, I <3 Vampires, The Kitchen).


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Q: Is my donation really tax deductible?

A: Yep. 100%. This is all made possible by our fiscal sponsor, From The Heart Productions. They are a 501c3 and when you make a donation to our film through their program you will be able to write it off on your taxes at the end of the year.

Q: Where does my money go?

A: It goes on the screen! Actors, crew, locations, travel expenses, catering, props… We're looking to cover the basics. Actors are being paid the SAG ULB rate of $125, the entire crew is being paid the same rate. As of right now, we've self-financed Phase 1 of the production- 30 pages of the script. We just need a little help with the other 75 pages.

Q: What's your timeline? When will the film be finished?

A: We finish filming over three weeks in September. Then we enter post-production… Our goal is to have Pretty Broken finished in the early Spring of 2017.

Q: What happens after you finish the movie?

A: We'll probably take a few days off and relax. Just kidding! Once the movie is done, we submit to film festivals, shop the film around at film markets, and utilize contacts we've made at past festivals and markets (AFI Fest, AFM, Cannes) to sell our film and make it available to audiences- like you!

Q: What's the deal with the goat?

A: Help us make the movie and see for yourself : )

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