A film written, directed, produced & shot by women of color

Support a family drama shot in Jamaica, West Indies

Cross My Heart A Project of Shorts

Cross My Heart is a ten minute dramatic short that explores themes of family, friendship, coming of age and sexual abuse. This story is told through the eyes of an American teen, who, upon visiting her family in Jamaica, uncovers a secret that changes the way she sees the people she loves. She's faced with the choice of staying silent or speaking up, knowing whichever she chooses will ultimately impact everyone.

No film is complete after shooting! We are currently in the stage of post-production, where we're raising funds for sound design and sound mixing and festival submissions.

Cross My Heart is written, directed, and produced by two Jamaican women. At the surface you will see a story about two cousins who love and protect each other. But just underneath lie issues that too often go untold or ignored within a family. From 2014-2015, 3.4% of directors of major films were women. For women of color, the amount is a stark fraction of that. By donating and supporting this film, you will be a part of the vehicle to change those numbers. We need to raise $13,000 for this film. With your support, we can fund travel expenses, food for the crew, production and insurance fees, location fees, and local crew wages.

The team behind Cross My Heart is a diverse group of talented individuals hungry to tell stories they crave to see. Stories that can be felt. Stories in which they see themselves. Their mothers. Their auntie. Their brother. Their best friends. The strangers that have surrounded them.

Given the limited nature of student film budgets due to the scope being educational rather than commercial. With your support, we can fund travel expenses, food & accommodations for the cast and crew, production and insurance fees, location fees, and local crew wages. We hope that you will consider donating to Cross My Heart to help us do what we love – storytelling.

Why should you support this film?

  • This film is written, directed, produced and shot by women of color - a statistically sparse endeavor. Both Writer/Director and Producer are Jamaican filmmakers.
  • You would be backing a film insured by the top film program in the world, New York University. Yearly, a select few graduate 2nd year films at NYU go on to receive critical acclaim at festivals such as Sundance, Berlin International Film Festival, Venice International Film Festival and Toronto International Film Festival among others. We are working to ensure that Cross My Heart will be one of the selected few this year.
  • Cross My Heart is a story about a bond between cousins in a family. And it is also about living with sexual violence and assault. And wrestling with silence.

What benefits do donors receive?

  • All donors receive a Tax deduction on their donation
  • Any donation will receive Acknowledgement/Thanks in film credits
  • Should a donation of $100+ be made on behalf of a company/organization, their logo will be included in film credits
  • A donor giving $100 or more receives a copy of the film.
  • A donor giving $200 or more gets a copy of the film and an invitation to the screening.
  • A donor giving $1000 or more receives the above and a special thank you in the credits.
  • A donor giving $2000 or more receives the above and credit, Executive Producer, and two tickets to a festival screening of their choosing.

The Team

Sontenish Myers, Writer/Director

A Harlem-based writer-director and a 2nd year at NYU's Grad Film program, Sontenish has written and directed 4 short films to date and is hungry for growth and expression as a visual artist. Inspired by storytellers including Octavia Butler, Kasi Lemmons, Toni Morrison, Steven Spielberg and Lynne Ramsay, it's this Jamaican-American filmmaker's mission to unpack the stories the everyday people carry with them through film. To uncover the real, the pain, and the magic. See more of her work at www.sontenishmyers.com

Zamarin Wahdat, Cinematographer

Zamarin Wahdat was born in Afganistan and moved to Germany as a child. She pursued her Bachelor's Degree in Film & Photography in the UK, where she developed her initial interest in cinematography. Now a Dean's Fellow at NYU Graduate Film Production program, Zamarin is pursuing her MFA with a focus in Cinematography. See more of her work at https://vimeo.com/zamarinwahdat

Elizabeth Charles, Producer

Elizabeth Charles has had nearly a decade of experience in the media and entertainment industry in fields varying from radio, reality television, commercials, and branded content. She attained an undergraduate degree in Visual and Media Arts with a specialization in Film Production from Emerson College. The following year Elizabeth attended the Cannes Film Festival where her film "Close" was exhibited in the Short Film Corner. Elizabeth aligned herself with post-production company, Creative Group in New York and commercial production companies Radical Media and Kohl Pictures in Los Angeles, where her work applied to clients like The Joy Formidable, HP, TNT, ABC, Malibu Rum, Lowes, and ESPN. In 2014 Elizabeth was accepted in to the highly competitive MBA/MFA dual degree program in Producing at New York University. She aims to create commercially viable socially conscious media that exemplifies great storytelling with inspirational content.

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