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License to Parent

The way society values children needs to change. Right now the system is tilted to a parent having a right to raise children as they wish, as opposed to a child having the right to a good life with competent parents. The law is getting tougher in many states on cracking down and punishing bad parents, but by the time intervention happens young lives are already damaged. It's not the type of damage you can easily fix; it leaves scars that will last a child's lifetime, and very likely get passed on to the next generation in a repeating cycle.

License to Parent will show parents and future parents the importance of doing their job the right way, while at the same time raising the standard parents are held to.

We need to create better education avenues for soon to be parents, as well as having resources available to identify at risk families and offer support and intervention before the kids are damaged. And we need to teach life skills to middle and high school students so they can identify and understand issues they'll face in life and have the coping skills to deal with them.

Our mission statement for License to Parent is "A documentary film that focuses on the lack of any training and requirements needed for parenting. The film looks at people's stories--men, women and children whose paths in life were set by the family to which they were born. The film will show that if we can raise the standard of parenting, we can make our world a better place in which to live."


J.E.L. Productions uses freelancers for production. This includes positions of sound, gaffers, and production assistants. We also use freelancers for graphics, web design and marketing. Listed below are some of the core participants in the project.

George Siegal is our Director/Producer. George has over 35 years of experience in video production. He currently is the owner of J.E.L. Productions in San Antonio, Texas, a national production company that produces television programs, commercials, marketing videos, documentaries, and industrials. Some of George's recent projects include the documentary film "Ripple Effect" and the national television programs "The Last House Standing" and "The Concrete Show."

Michael Lukaszewskyj is our Director of Photography/Producer. Michael is a native of Chicago and now makes San Antonio, Texas, his home. He graduated from Southern Illinois University with a degree in radio and television, and has worked for NBC, ABC, and CBS. With over 30 years in the film and television industry, he has won numerous awards including seven Emmys.

Cody Broadway is our Editor/Producer/Camera Operator. Cody is a graduate of the New York Film Academy. After film school, Cody was hired as a host and producer of FOX Live at KIDY in San Angelo, Texas. Cody oversaw the production and promotions for FOX in both San Angelo and Abilene, Texas. He helped create and host a show called FOX Live, which aired every Saturday in both markets. Cody currently works in San Antonio for KENS 5 TV where has been nominated for three Emmys.

Alex Mongiello-camera operator. Alex has worked as a Photographer, and Editor for 10+ years in San Antonio, Texas and around the country. Alex was a freelancer for various ad agencies as a graphic designer and photographer. Alex worked with the Spurs Sport and Entertainment as a Production Media Coordinator. Alex also worked as Director of Photography/Producer/Editor for a production house that handled an award-winning outdoor TV program for The Outdoor Channel.

Scott Greenberg-location sound recordist. Scott has been working in the film and television industry for over Twenty years and has worked on numerous projects ranging from large scale art installation Films, Feature Films, Commercials, News and Documentaries.


Total production cost is estimated at $95,000 which includes the remainder of production and post production, and festival submissions.

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Marketing Plan

Upon completion we are going to submit License to Parent to numerous film festivals around the country.

We currently do not have a distributor for the film. Potential destinations for airing are PBS, HBO, Netflix, and Amazon Streaming.

We currently are building our social media presence on both Facebook and through Twitter, as well as growing a newsletter database through MailChimp.

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