Help tell the story of a 47-year friendship among nine Long Island women activists.

Your tax-deductible contribution will share an inspiring story of the challenges and victories of an enduring circle of friends.

Tuesday Lunch A Project of Documentaries

A film about a group of Long Island activists meeting over lunch in 1969 and forging a 47-year friendship that tests and sustains them as they age.

"....these are very fragile years that we are entering. And they require a great deal of courage, tenacity and help. So it's very comforting to know that they are there, that everybody is a phone call away....That's what gets you through." – Alice Silverman, 86, member of Tuesday Lunch

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About This Project

This film is a personal journey that tells the story of my mom, Nina's, best friends from Long Island, New York. They have been meeting weekly since 1969 and call themselves "Tuesday Lunch." They are now in their 80s. My mom, Nina, was an original "Tuesday" who died in 1980. I moved 3,000 miles away from my home town, Northport, and "the Tuesdays" to raise California daughters, who are now grown. I returned to Northport five years ago with a small film crew to film the Tuesdays and share the story of their 47-year friendship.

Nina and the Tuesdays (Nina is 3rd from left, in red)

The Story

Tuesday Lunch is a film about a group of women who have spent more than four decades creating a community and who now face new challenges to that hard-fought effort. It is a personal story of a circle of women called "Tuesday Lunch" during their 47-year friendship, their larger community, and a daughter seeking to know more about her long-dead mother who was once among "the Tuesdays." It's also a political story – about the turbulent decades of the 1960s and 1970s, about important social issues from abortion to voting rights, and about the U.S.'s approach to aging and health.

Tuesdays marching in Washington, DC for women's rights

Why this Film Matters

The story of the Tuesday Lunch group will show the powerful role and the challenges of friendship and intentional community in a time when we are urged to multi-task, focus on work, binge on episodic TV, and try to connect to our friends through social media. The film shows friendships becoming even more critical with age. Tuesday Lunch will offer a personal testimony to the imprint of the women's movement on a generation of women. It will show a positive vision of aging evidenced by the active, intelligent, engaged and empowered "Tuesdays." You will see older women making a difference in their communities, families and the world. Whatever type of household you live in, you will be inspired to develop meaning and community through "families of choice" beyond birth families, spouses, and partners.

Meet the Crew

Diane Stark, Producer & Director, was Associate Producer for internationally acclaimed director Rob Nilsson's film Collapse and location manager for Weapon of Choice, and had acting roles in Collapse, A Leap to Take, and Blood Makes the Green Grass Grow. She is a daughter of Nina Stark, an original member of Tuesday Lunch. Tuesday Lunch is her first feature film.

Diane Stark & Cortney Hamilton film "the Tuesdays"

Cortney Hamilton, Director of Photography, has directed, edited and shot videos for PBS Frontline, the United Nations, multiple non-profit organizations, corporations and independent filmmakers. He produced Blood Makes the Green Grass Grow, shown at the Alexandria Film Festival and Forest Born, winner of the Audience Award at the Portland Film Festival.

Mark Roy records sound while Cortney Hamilton films the Tuesdays

Mark Roy, Sound, has been mixing sound for feature films, documentaries, and TV for 20 years. You may have heard his recordings for TV mini-series Jackie Robinson, or in the Dust Bowl mini-series by Ken Burns or the documentary, The Central Park Five or so many others. Check out Mark's imdB page for more.

Sabereh Kashi, Editor, has produced, edited, and provided consultation for several award-winning documentary films in the U.S., Canada, and Iran. Her work has appeared on BBC, PBS, international television networks, International Film Festivals, and on-line. She edited and co-wrote the ITVS documentary Our Summer in Tehran (2011) by Oscar-nominated and Emmy award winning Justine Shapiro, and Hot Docs festival-selected short documentary, Calling Nate. She is now working on a personal documentary called Home Yet Faraway.

Key Film Crew Include:

Gillian Porterfield, Producer; Cathy Lerza, Associate Producer/Writer

Allyson Pierce, Art Direction, Phoebe Pierce, Social Media & Event Manager, and

Mary Ann Zvokel, Production Assistant and 2nd Camera

Your Backing

Now that filming is complete, we need your support to hire a film editor for post production. We are raising $17,000 to edit it. This will allow us to edit over 80 hours of footage and pare it down to a compelling feature-length documentary. Each frame is typically three-seconds long, so our editor will be working diligently to make a mosaic to weave this story together. We will add music to set the mood of the women and the times. With your help, we can do that.

Thank You Gifts

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$47 - #wearethetuesdays supporter - to celebrate the Tuesdays 47 years of meeeting, receive a streamed clip of "the Tuesdays" tips on how to keep a lasting friendship group, and all of the above

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$100 - Movie Fanatic - New-Limited Prints: Photograph of New York City in the snow by Tuesday Lunch photographer Dorothy Lipsky (special offer, limited # available) & all of the non-limited items above

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