It’s Time To Share The Positive Side of Surrogacy!

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Surrogacy: Every Baby Has A Story A Project of Documentaries

"It doesn't matter the complex journey of how things occur. How you love and parent a child is most important." ~Actress Lucy Lui

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*In consideration for your donation you will receive a charitable donation receipt which can be used for your US taxes From The Heart Productions, LLC (a 5013c) which partners with films like ours to help them get produced and funded.

The Mission

Shedding light on a very controversial and taboo aspect of childbirth with the desire to educate, inform and break through the negative stigmas associated with Surrogacy.

With Infertility on the rise, millions of women each year seek alternative methods to having children including IVF, Adoption and Surrogacy.

Surrogacy has been the black sheep of the alternative conception family. Surrogates are often portrayed as desperate women out for money or poor and abused slaves, held captive for their wombs by rich, elitists buying babies because they can.

About The Documentary

Our film and Initiative will humanize the Surrogacy process and the people who participate in it.

It's time to share the positive side of Surrogacy

Why do parents choose surrogacy over adoption and why do women become surrogates?

Why is it that this increasingly popular form of childbirth receives almost no attention from health scientists, research and policymakers, other than to typically focus on the negative aspects of it.

What is surrogacy and what is the process?

Why are so many people against Surrogacy?

The market is ripe for a documentary which explores the rise of surrogacy with integrity and honesty, without the sensationalism, but with the true heart and the emotional impact this journey has on the people who embark upon it. Facing the controversy head on, the politics, dealing with the facts and the humanness in a compelling film that desires to open the hearts and minds of the detractors and offer hope to the millions of Men and Women who simply desire to raise a child.

"Being negative about surrogacy is the new Hollywood hype. However, everyone is forgetting that there are children born through surrogacy and this negativity is impacting their lives. Some children are teased at school, some teachers view surrogacy as a negative field, and some children are forced to stand up and declare that the unique way they were conceived and born is normal for them. It is all of our responsibility to make sure that surrogacy is seen in a positive light because this is a gift we can give our children." Karen Synesiou- Director/CFO, Center for Surrogate Parenting, Inc

The Team

Betsy Chasse - Producer - Award winning producer/director most notable for What The Bleep Do We Know, Song of the New Earth and Pregnant In America (Endorsed by The Midwives Association of America and Lamaze International).

Katheryne KTEE Thomas - Director, producer, brand manager. Critically- acclaimed filmmaker with over 45 credits included the documentary The Principle. 15 + years in mass media integration, new media content producer, and promotions manager.

KT Kent -Producer, Theatrical Marketing. Currently Theatrical Marketing Coordinator at Universal Pictures, Producer for Atomic Hollywood, & Creative Director of Development at Veritas Gold LLC.

De Ivett - Brand & Marketing Strategist. Owner of 5D Spectrum a Los Angeles- based agency that has built it's reputation for award winning, integrated approaches to memorable branding via web, print, and interactive media

Executive Producers

Christy Amireh - Mother of Grayson birth via Surrogate, 5 Years Recruiter for Fortune 500 Financial Institution, & 7 Years Sales and Marketing for Fortune 500 Insurance Company.

Haseeb Amireh - Father of Grayson birth via Surrogate, 21 Years Sales and Management in Fortune 500 High Tech Companies, Instrumental in acquisition of a Virtualization Startup 2012 & Advisor for Silicon Valley Startups.

"We embarked on this journey because we were true believers that some babies come from the stomach and others from the heart. To us surrogacy provided the possibility of having our own flesh and blood child. And not in our wildest dreams could we have imagined that a child could bring so much love into our hearts. Our biggest fear is that we brought this beautiful soul into a world that may not accept him or worst yet judges him for being different. It's therefore our duty to show the world the endless possibilities and beauty that surrogacy could bring to deserving parents. Its ok to be different and maybe one day surrogacy can be the new normal." - Christy Amireh, Mother of Grayson, Born through Surrogacy in 2015

How can you support this film?

Our Goal is to raise $250,000 for Production and Distribution costs for the film.

You can Support our film and Movement!

*In consideration for your donation you will receive a charitable donation receipt which can be used for your US taxes From The Heart Productions, LLC (a 5013c) which partners with films like ours to help them get produced and funded.

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