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The Trying Times, an experimental-drama short film A Project of Shorts

UPDATE: Thanks to your support, we've crossed the $5,000 mark!


They're the moments you don't see in family photo albums. Or in most movies, with their emphasis on "happily ever after." In "The Trying Times," a couple learns the truth about their union and must make a series of decisions that impact their future.

The short film uses improvisation to explore marriage in three self-contained movements — the bedroom, the street and the studio — presenting a condensed yet honest look at the life cycle of a marriage and the pains and challenges of two as they attempt to function as one. It's the dance that married couples perform daily as individuals with their own path and purpose, and where every action takes you closer to or farther away from your partner.


Cinema, undeniably, has the power to connect people. We aim to touch audiences on an emotional level and to craft a short that looks like it was made with a much larger production budget. To accomplish this we've gathered a talented team of resourceful creative professionals, but now we seek your help in making this a reality.

This project's costs include…

Because this is a largely silent film, it's imperative that we use skilled actors who can carry scenes without words. We'll need to compensate them for their time.

Independent films often forego insurance as a cost-cutting measure, but we believe it's better to be prepared, as accidents can happen even when safety procedures are followed. Our policy also covers us if we suffer equipment failure and need to reshoot the film.

We'll be renting a camera with high dynamic range as well as low-light sensitivity to aid us in nighttime scenes. We'll also be renting lenses and lighting equipment. To do a job right you need the proper tools, and while technology has reduced costs significantly, shooting with an iPhone instead of cinematic gear would only increase our post-production costs.

There are fees to rent the interior locations, and the street scenes require a permit and a police officer to direct traffic so we can film in a crosswalk.

By industry standards, our principal cast and crew of 19 is small, but it's imperative that we feed them so they can perform at their best during the 12-hour production days.

Shoes shuffling across a room. Horns blaring as a car roars down a city street. Sound design is essential for immersing audiences in our film's world. Editing puts all the pieces together, and color grading will finish the film's look. After post-production is complete we'll begin submitting "The Trying Times" to film festivals.


Supporting this film is tax deductible, thanks to a fiscal sponsorship with From the Heart Productions, a 501(c)(3) based in Oxnard, California. For more than 20 years, From the Heart has been assisting independent filmmakers who seek to craft "films that are unique and make a contribution to society."

From the Heart Productions takes a 7 percent service charge, and our production receives the rest of your contribution. Your donation is 100 percent tax deductible.


Contribute ANY amount: You'll receive periodic email updates on the film, digital photographs of the production, a link to the finished film (following the festival run) and a special thank-you in the film's end credits in addition to a tax deduction on your gift. Please note that we are unable to see any information for anonymous donors. At minimum you must display your initials for us to be able to contact you to deliver this or any other perks.

Contribute $250 or more: You'll also receive an associate producer credit in the film's end credits and on IMDb.

Contribute $500 or more: You'll be invited to appear as an extra in the street scene. If you aren't local to the DC area, an extra will wear a T-shirt with your face on it.

Contribute $750 or more: You'll receive an executive producer credit in the film's end credits and on IMDb and receive a VIP invitation to the film's DC-area premiere (does not include travel or accommodations).


"Individuals at a crossroads and family relationships are themes that have long intrigued me. I've explored them in my work as a digital and print journalist and I intend to continue doing so as a narrative filmmaker.

"In the last five years I've worked on 10 independent films (nine shorts and one feature) in a variety of capacities, including script supervisor, production designer, assistant director, producer and director. Most recently I produced 'In the Age of Monsters,' a short film that has garnered licensing interest from ShortsHD, the channel airing short films to 40 million homes across the U.S., Europe and Africa. Other credits include 'Red Velvet,' a short that premiered at the Kansas City FilmFest in 2012. Each project taught me more about filmmaking, and I brought to them the storytelling skills I've honed throughout my career, as well as my entertainment industry experience. I've also studied directing with Joan Darling, an Emmy-winning director and an artistic advisor at the Sundance Directors Lab.

"We have a super-talented team, and we're excited to share this journey with you!'"

— Ericka Boston (screenwriter, producer, director)

Thank you in advance for helping us bring "The Trying Times" to life.


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