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code blue: redefining the practice of medicine A Project of Documentaries

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Would you change your habits to live a longer, healthier life? code blue provides the prescription to do just that.


code blue is a feature length documentary that reveals insufficiencies in the current state of medicine and provides a common sense solution by featuring the practice of lifestyle medicine to prevent, manage, and reverse disease. It presents the hurdles to the proposed shift: why is this not an integral component of the curriculum taught in medical schools? Why does this not resonate with the majority of current day practicing physicians? What is causing the lapse in communication to the general public? The unwillingness of some to believe that the American public—addicted to the quick fix—will embrace lifestyle changes is also addressed, as well as the undercurrent influences of the pharmaceutical and food industries that help shape public policy.

code blue follows the story of a passionate physician, Dr. Saray Stancic; medical student, Saul Bautista; and expert physicians/scientists who have the foresight to envision the potential of incorporating lifestyle medicine into clinical practice. Interwoven between these stories are successful individuals and organizations, as well as the personal narratives of chronically ill patients who learn to embrace this revolutionary method of medical treatment.

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    Just saw Dr. Stancic give a talk at Middlesex Hospital. Inspiring.
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    Great project. Good luck.
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    Absolutely LOVE this film idea- Happy to support!
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    Char N. Best wishes as you begin to change the world. Eat plants!
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    Good luck, can't wait to see the film!