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Manila is Full of Men Named Boy A Project of Shorts


Set during a family reunion in The Philippines, Manila is Full of Men Named Boy explores the presentations of self, the expectations of family, and the façades that we construct to hide our feelings of inferiority. It tells of the discordant reunion of two men as they repress their own vulnerabilities when their expectations of one another become mismatched. Manila is Full of Men Named Boy follows in the traditions of satire while investigating and reflecting a national identity that has been troubled by machismo.

The satire Manila is Full of Men Named Boy follows a perpetually insecure Filipino-American named Boy as he buys a child to impress his hyper-masculine grandfather, Rodrigo. His attempt to solidify a rightful place in his family as a seemingly strong breadwinner eventually collapses when his family prefers the child over him. Boy then unhinges in a fury that slowly reveals the hidden tensions and expectations of his family.


Our short film has 501(c)3 status thanks to our fiscal sponsorship through From The Heart Productions in Oxnard, California. Any dollar amount that you donate can be used as a 1:1, 100% tax deductible dollar donation. Although From the Heart will take a 7% service charge, the rest of the dollar amount will reach our production. From the Heart will provide a receipt which you can then use under the itemized deductions in the donations portion of your taxes. You can then use the 100% tax deductible amount to adjust your gross income.


Our goal is to make this film look like it was shot for perhaps double or triple our actual production budget. Though the concept seems simple on the surface, we actually have many hidden costs:

TALENT: We need to pay our main actors! And we also need to fly our main actor to The Philippines! Though many productions of our size don't pay at all, or operate on a SAG deferred pay contract, it's important to compensate and support our lead actors as we value their time and commitment.

LOCATIONS and PRODUCTION DESIGN: We will have to pay location fees and permit fees. In order to make the locations and characters really stand out, we have brought on a talented production designer who has worked on many short and feature-length films, to dress the actors and apartment.

FOOD: Despite our crew's relatively small size, we will have 15-20 background actors, plus lead actors, who will need to be fed. This becomes expensive quickly.

POST-PRODUCTION: We have post-production costs beyond color correction and sound mixing. Because the actors will be improvising on set and talking over one another, and because on and off-screen sound is so crucial to the storytelling in this film, sound design is essential.


For any donation, we'll provide you with email updates of the film, photographs of the production, a link to the finished film, and a special thank-you in the film's end credits.

Those who contribute $500.00 or more will receive an Associate Producer credit. And those who give $1000.00 or more will receive an Executive Producer credit and an invitation to the premiere at Lincoln Center's Walter Reade Theater, as part of the Columbia University Film Festival. You'll get to see this film projected in one of the country's most prestigious film centers, and enjoy opening night with the filmmakers!

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