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The Weight of Honor-Veteran & Military Caregiver Documentary A Project of Documentaries

Filmed over five years, THE WEIGHT OF HONOR follows the lives of the caregivers of veterans who have been catastrophically wounded in America's longest war. Their lives are transformed overnight to 24/7 caregivers tasked with caring for their war-wounded. THE WEIGHT OF HONOR reveals the family dynamic, their relationships before the wounds of war, and now, the uncertainties that lie ahead.

When wounded veterans are released from critical care and sent home to recover their spouse, brother, sister, parent and even children often become their full-time caregiver.

It is our intent that THE WEIGHT OF HONOR awakens the American public to the "care-gap" these veteran and military-caregivers experience every day. These military caregivers are critical to the full circle of protecting our freedoms and our rights. We trust that once Americans experience the extent of the caregiver issues shown in this film, they will want to take action to help caregiver families.

"The greatest gift I can give is to see, hear, understand and to touch another person."
- Virginia Satir, Psychologist known as The Mother of Family Therapy

We trust that seeing, hearing and understanding the issues of veteran-caregivers will touch your heart and lead to positive changes in the way America cares for its veterans.

More about the film and why you should donate:

The film's subjects are the spouses, parents and children who give a rare glimpse into their lives, as everyone grapples with finding a 'new normal' after the devastating effects of war time injuries.

Filmed over five years, in many states, this journey reveals the thoughts and struggles of the caregivers tasked with the 24/7 care of once able-bodied and self-assured sons and husbands, but are now dependent on others.

The life of the caregiver is often unsung and hidden. THE WEIGHT OF HONOR reveals disrupted lives, ongoing uncertainties, and their courage and strength as they make a new home during the most calamitous time of their lives.

Included are key interviews with veterans who are now serving in congress and experts who give their insight into the new reality of what it means for a wounded warrior to come home.

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We are successful fundraisers: In 2016 we raised over $18,000 from just over 100 donors in a 6 week campaign. Our donors were friends, family and some complete strangers who have become great new friends through our campaign.

Your contribution will help shine a light on the caregivers' needs and make a difference in the fight for support that our military families so deserve.

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About Stephanie Seldin Howard (Director/Producer):

Stephanie Howard has more than 25 years of experience covering news and producing specials and documentaries in Los Angeles for Fox News Network, KNBC-TV News, Reuters, KTTV News (Fox, Inc) and CNN. She is the winner of a Los Angeles News Emmy and has been nominated for two others. She is co-producer of the documentary, "Refusenik".

The Caregivers:

We recently celebrated our caregivers on International Women's Day! We are deeply indebted to them for opening their hearts and homes to share these deeply personal stories so that America can be aware of the FULL costs of war. These Caregivers aren't "victims" and they aren't "sob stories" -- they are strong women whose lives were dismantled when their catastrophically wounded veterans came home from war. They have rebuilt their lives around caring for their wounded AND their families.

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