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Imagemakers A Project of Documentaries

For the last ten years I've been fortunate enough to sculpt the image of the Hindu Goddess Kali for the annual fall festival at the Vedanta Society of Southern California in Hollywood. This annual sacred sculpting tradition has taken place uninterrupted for the last 70 years. In my film "Imagemakers" I tell the story behind this unique tradition and explore its deep and ancient roots in India.

When I first started working on my film, I told the story from a personal point of view, focusing on the relationship between my yearly sculpting of Kali and becoming a mother. But as I got deeper into the film, the urgency of my personal story faded. A humbling reality quickly set in. The significance and symbolism of Kali sculpture tradition extended far beyond my intimate experiences. If I truly wanted to tell the story of sculpting the Goddess Kali, I would have to go to the root of it all – Kolkata, India.

Every year generations of artists make and sell thousands of Kali's and other Hindu deities in the slums of Kolkata. Who are these artists? What are the techniques and materials used to make the Kalis? Who buys these Kalis and for what purpose? What is the worship of Kali like? And what is the link between the ancient sacred art tradition in India and the one in Hollywood?

To answer these questions, I will travel to Kolkata this fall and film in Kumortuli: a small neighborhood where generations of artists make and sell thousands of Kalis and other Hindu deities. I will meet some of these imagemakers and learn about their sculpting techniques and materials. I'll film their process of sculpting one of the Kalis and follow her from the time she is just a lump of clay to a living Goddess. I will record the drama, the culture and the industry around Kali's image and those who make it.

To make my film a reality I need to raise $21,000. I need $12,000 to fly to Kolkata and film for 3 weeks, from the beginning of the sculpture to the culminating worship of the Goddess during the fall festival. I'll need $2000.00 for my airline ticket. $8000.00 for gear rental and local camera/sound people and another $2000 for accommodations and food. Upon my return from India, I plan to shoot additional expert interviews and edit the entire film. To accomplish this, I need to raise $9000. I plan on editing from home and taking a hiatus from paid TV work.

Please help me tell my story and inspire spiritual seekers, students of history and artists.

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