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THE SO-SO YOU DON'T KNOW A Project of TV & Web Series

A dark comedy about urban loneliness.

"I've never met a therapist who easily interchanges words such as 'Shithead, Proust, and love yourself' with such flair." -John, Teacher

"This is hilarious, but also sadly, my life." -Dianne, Yoga student

"I would binge-watch this shit." -Phil, Podiatrist

"This is better than Prozac." -Unknown bar patron

In today's day, the now of disposable culture, the only real connection seems to happen between people and their electronic life. Relationships are seen as impediments to personal success and depression is at an all time high. I live in a city of 8 million people... where a profound loneliness is endemic. Too many experiences of human disconnection led me to create this show and a main character who will try to tell you what I've been trying to tell myself for years "Just love yourself already." Welcome to THE SO-SO YOU DON'T KNOW, a scripted web series that'll have you laughing and crying within each ten minute episode. The aim of this show is to entertain and simultaneously inspire compassion for self and others.

My name is Marlene, and I've previously written and directed award-winning shorts and a theatrically released indie feature, THE BIG SHOT-CALLER, along with a long list of music videos for some of the world's biggest icons, including 2Pac Shakur and Amy Winehouse. I was chosen as one of the "Top 25 New Faces of Independent Film" by Filmmaker Magazine and critically reviewed by the NY Times. THE SO-SO YOU DON'T KNOW is my biggest passion project to date.

Meet therapist Marcia Wallace who's been through the ringer and back. Her cat, Mohammed Ali, has Leukemia, so she's running a Groupon special for new clients in order to afford his treatments. Only problem is, her mother keeps trying to sabotage her practice. Marcia Wallace will be played by Sachi Parker (aka Shirley Maclaine's daughter), who has appeared in "Back to the Future," "Peggy Sue Got Married," and "Star Trek: The Next Generation."

Each episode features a new character dealing with their unique discontent. One episode deals with a DJ who can't date women he loves because of abandonment issues. The next episode features a woman with MS who seeks revenge on her disappearing one-night-stand but comes face to face with her own mother issues. Another episode will feature a transgender woman who believes she is from outer space because there is no love here on earth. The characters are as varied as the night is long, but the human issues are universal.

Episodes one and two are in the can thanks to your support. I need your help to keep filming. If we raise $30,000 we can shoot the rest of Season One. And now - ALL OF YOUR DONATIONS ARE 100% TAX DEDUCTIBLE!

There are great perks for donating! For $25 or more you get a Twitter shout-out. For $50 or more, you get a personal affirmation written just for you. For $100 or more, you get a small part in the next episode. For $250 or more you get your own therapy session with the star of the show. For $1000 or more, you get producer credit plus all of the above.

I invite you to come on board and be part of the family of supporters. I can not wait to share these stories with the world! Thank you for helping to make this happen.

-Marlene Rhein, Creator

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Being born one spring in NYC, Marlene Rhein grew up and decided the world needed more laughs and compassion. After growing up as a gothic teenager in suburban Long Island, she attended Ithaca College's Film Program on a Rod Serling Screenwriting Scholarship. Since then she has directed over sixty music videos for some of the world's most iconic artists as well as commercials, short films, a feature and several comedy web series. She attended the Joanne Baron/DW Brown school of acting in Los Angeles and has since gone on to pursue creating and performing in her own material, winning several awards for both and being written up in The New York Times. She currently resides in NYC with her rescued Pit Bull, Luigi.


Born in Miami to Vietnamese immigrants, and a resident of New York City since 2008, Phillip Nguyen was raised by his parents to be kind to everyone and to always ask questions. Phillip just completed "Last Fair Deal," a short centered around Blues great Robert Johnson shot in Mississippi in 2016. He started off in production as a one-man band following journalists as they covered SXSW, Bonnaroo and CMJ, and he has gone on to produce videos for CBS, TIME Inc., Maxim, and VH1.


Brendan has been a member of the New York production community since 2011. Following his childhood passions, he switched from a fledgling career in civil engineering and jumped right into the camera department. He's since had the honor of directing the photography on countless projects including web series "Tough Love" and "Marco Solo," short film "Can't/Won't" and "Irish Goodbye," as well as dozens of music videos. With two independent features in preproduction for winter and spring 2017, Brendan is beyond excited for what the future holds. See more of his work at


Originally from the heart of central New York, Joel Feitzinger has been making noise with sound computers for a decade. He has released many independent albums, performed as "EPT," and is expanding sonic territory with Newfolder Music Website, a meta-hypothetical music collective. He enjoys running, coffee, metafilter, hot packs and thunderstorms.

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