The Dark Sky Project is Reborn

This truly moving story will utilize the first ever mix of augmented reality.

The Dark Sky Project A Project of From the Heart Productions

Several months ago, I embarked on a journey to make a short film that I have dreamed of making for a long time. I worked long and hard on the script and sent it out to several close friends. One of my contacts sent it to Ed Asner, the Legend, who fell in love with the story immediately. He sent me a message back: "I love the story kid, love it. I cant wait to make it with you"

From that moment, I knew this was something I had to pursue. I started months of preproduction and planning. I was still in college, so time wasn't exactly on my side. As I secured an internship at AMC, I told my crew and Mr. Asner we needed to put this on hold, as this was very important for my career. After a few months of stability, I have decided it is time to trek back on the journey to make this film.

After months of time to think, I came to the conclusion that while this script is special, what is another film to the audience I wanted to do something different, something revolutionary in the independent film world. I first experimented with the Microsoft Hololens on my college campus. This thing is straight out of BladeRunner, with Holograms in your environment. One night it clicked; why don't I bring parts of my script/film to life? While most of the film would be on the silver screen, there would be moments where the viewers would see the story happening around them in the auditorium.

After discussing with a friend in the industry, he guaranteed me that if I could pull this off, he would get me in every Film festival possible and in the spotlight. The story needs to be seen by the world due to its imperative message, but it won't be easy. I need C++ programmers, auditorium tests, physics majors, and film crew that can match Mr. Asner's talent level.

I am asking you to be on my team and help me financially to get this project to fruition.

All donations are 501c3 tax deductable. Then, once Mr. Asner has flown first class to KC, performed for the camera, and months of editing... you will be the first to see a film that is truly revolutionary, both in story and in technology.

$250 Raised
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