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Three Days In The Hole A Project of Shorts

Three Days in the Hole is a story about a Young Yezidi girl who is captured by Daesh (ISIS) and sold as a slave.


"Three Days In The Hole" is the story of LUNA, a 16-year-old girl, who becomes a victim of ISIS's 2014 attempt to systematically eradicate the ancient non-Muslim Yezidi community in Iraq. Laying siege to Luna's hometown of Sinjar, Daesh (ISIS) kills the men and kidnaps the women and children. Sold into slavery, Luna finds herself imprisoned in an underground hole, along with two other Yezidi women. Somehow, she must find the strength, first, to survive, and then to escape her captors.

Moved by the true stories of Yezidi women who are living through ISIS atrocities, award-winning filmmaker CANDICE CARELLA felt compelled to find a way to tell their story. "When I first read about Daesh's siege of Sinjar and the atrocities committed against the Yezidi people, it broke my heart," she said. "However, the fact that many of the enslaved Yezidi girls and women managed to escape from their captors and then join groups of female soldiers to fight to take back Sinjar from ISIS control also inspired me. The sacrifice and resilience of these strong women in the face of injustice make them a worthy and important subject for a film."

It is our hope that this short film will serve as a platform to raise awareness of the Yezidi cause. We are reaching out in an effort to start a conversation about accountability and to inspire a larger humanitarian effort, as there are still undiscovered mass graves in IS controlled areas of Iraq and thousands of women currently remain in ISIS' captivity.

Any proceeds from this film sale or distribution will go towards building a school/orphanage for the displaced Yezidi children in a refugee camp in Kurdistan Iraq.

The crew on board for "Three Days In The Hole" is made up of experienced film industry veterans with impressive credits and numerous accolades (BAFTAS, EMMYS, GRAMMYS, guild awards and Festival Awards). These professionals have come together,volunteering their time and effort to create a film to engender genuine social impact.
To ensure that this powerful story is made into a professional caliber film, the money donated to this campaign will cover film production expenses such as equipment rentals, permits, camera package, locations, costumes, props, set building materials, stunt safety, hard drives, post-production and insurance fees.

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Donors giving $10 or more will receive a custom package of 5 background images for you desktop. Each will be created from production stills taken during principal photography.

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Donors giving $200 or more will receive an invitation to the cast & crew screening and wrap party (travel and lodging not included.) (Plus lower level rewards.)

Donors giving $1000 or more will receive a thank you in the credits of the film and on IMDb. (Plus lower level rewards.)

The 4 highest donors will receive an Executive Producer credit (Title card in film, IMDb credit, if you are a business or organization we will also include your company logo on screen) We are currently seeking EP's whose philanthropies share our mission. (Plus lower level rewards.)

There is an urgency to make this important story into a film so it can be used to raise awareness the thousands of Yezidi's still enslaved. Because the top-rated 501 C3 non-profit charitable organization From The Heart Productions is our fiscal sponsor, all donations to this campaign are tax deductible.

Any dollar amount that you donate can be used as a 1:1 100% tax deductible dollar donation in the US. "From the Heart" will provide a receipt which you can then use under the itemized deductions in the donations portion of your taxes. THANK YOU FOR DONATING!

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    Such an important, heartbreaking and timely story to tell
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    A remarkable story made possible by a remarkable writer/director.
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