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An American story of patriotism & historical significance that has never been explored.

Heed the Call (a short film) A Project of From the Heart Productions

In 1942, Marguerite must decide if she is willing to defy social expectations, her family, and her fiancé in order to join the war effort.

From the Heart Productions is dedicated to supporting independent filmmakers and stories revolving around women and socially-relevant topics. With their guidance and support, I am raising funds for this short film centered around the formation of the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps, or WAAC, during WWII and one young woman's quest to join up. The film is inspired by my grandmother who was one of only 440 women (out of 35,000 applicants!) to be part of the first WAAC Officers Candidate School class when the Corps was formed in 1942.


In order to create the world of 1942, I will work with a fantastic and experienced team of industry professionals. We will follow in the footsteps of greats like Billy Wilder, Howard Hawks, and Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, capturing elements as seen in Technicolor titles such as BLACK NARCISSUS, THE RED SHOES, and ALL THAT HEAVEN ALLOWS. Dramatic lighting contrasted with richly saturated colors, along with the talents of my production and costume designers, will help me create the tone, space, and style to make the time period feel honest.


The formation of the Women's Army Auxiliary Corp is a deeply American story of patriotism and historical significance that has not only never been explored, but is tailor-made to the times. As filmmakers, we tell stories that are meant to be seen and heard, that perhaps help our audiences understand something personal or teach them an important truth. I want what any other artist wants: to connect with an audience. My long-term goal in making this short is to garner enough exposure through festival screenings domestically and internationally to raise funds for a feature. The short will serve to show not only my taste and aesthetic, but also the foundation of the incredibly layered and fascinating story I will explore in the feature film version of this project.

In 1942, the women of America very much wanted a way to be actively patriotic, and by the time the war ended, more than 150,000 had served in the army. Women were integral to the war effort seventy-five years ago, and they are integral now. Help me tell their story.

Thank you!

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