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Calling All Women: We Need More Activists! A Project of Documentaries


A documentary about the greatest activist you've never heard of...

This dynamo for good used a telephone and chutzpah to change the world. She may be the greatest activist you've never heard of. Madeline Lee Gilford will inspire you to political action to combat the perilous times ahead.


Feared by Senator McCarthy, beloved by those she helped - this story is told by her family and in exclusive interviews with Carl Reiner, Martin Sheen, Richard Dreyfuss, Lily Tomlin, Valerie Harper, Norman Lear, Bob Balaban, James Cromwell, and more!


Madeline knew that tyranny's FIRST STRIKE is at the BILL OF RIGHTS.

She never stopped fighting for good in America:

  • MADELINE LIVED her belief that civil rights are HUMAN rights,
  • SHE OWNED her mistakes and made NO excuses.
  • and SHE LEFT this world with a legacy of resistance!

Be inspired by Madeline Lee Gilford and all the friends she dragged into battle.

We are CALLING ALL WOMEN (AND MEN). Be a part of it! All these stars have given their time and energy to this film, you should too. Please be as generous as possible. Your donation is TAX DEDUCTIBLE!



We are Lisa and Max, a passionate mother and son team. We believe in this project and its ability to move people to act in their communities.

Max Gilford-Smerling, Producer/Writer: Grandson of Madeline Lee Gilford, son of Lisa Gilford, Producer of festival darling "ON THE SLY: IN SEARCH OF THE FAMILY STONE." Proud member of Actors Equity. Professionally performed all over the country. Screenwriter of biopic HUBBLE and soon to be produced "FAIRY TALE." Credits on over a dozen films from Lakeshore Entertainment including Academy Award Best Picture winner "MILLION DOLLAR BABY."

Lisa Lee Gilford, Producer/Director: Daughter of Madeline Lee Gilford, proud Red Diaper , as the only woman Film Commissioner for State of Colorado she facilitated the making of feature films, "City Slickers," (Billy Crystal) "Die Hard 1&2," (Bruce Willis) and "Thelma & Louise" (Ridley Scott). Founder of American Theater Showcase, a not-for-profit theater company in Aspen, Colorado dedicated to producing American musicals on their way to Broadway. This is her first documentary, as well as her true-life story.


Tom Hurwitz, ASC, DP: Son of Jane Dudley & Leo Hurwitz. "American Masters" (PBS) 1991-2009; "The American Experience," (PBS) 1995-2010; "Frontline" (PBS 1996-2009; Sundance Film Festival winner for "Wild Man Blues- Woody Allen, 1997; "Valentino: the Last Emperor," 2008- Feature film; "Nothing Left Unsaid," 2016 (HBO); Red Diaper Baby, proudly.

George Reasner, DP: Award-winning cinematographer with 20 years of film production experience. He has an M.F.A. in producing & cinematography from Fla. State U Film ad TV Conservatory. DP & Producer on the docs, Liquid Vinyl and Dumbstruck, as well as Cinematographer on the docs At Last: The Terry Fator Story, Q: The Man (The Lives of Quincy Jones) among others.

Rich Brotman, Editor: Since 2003, Rich has developed his brand of family history & cultural legacy films. He partnered with scholar Jose Barreiro PhD, to curate a video archive to help preserve the the oral traditions of contemporary Native American Culture Bearers. Eventually acquired by the Smithsonian Institute. Most recently - "A Walk In The Park: The Joseph & Loretta Law Story" about an extraordinary couple, Joseph and Loretta Law, trying to thrive in a time of geopolitical and economic struggle in 20th-century China and Hong Kong.

Kaitlin Fyfe, Editor: Instructor in Editing & Post at UW, Madison. Finishing supervisor, "The Smart Studios Story," (2016) co-writer, co-producer, co-editor "Lonely Baloney" (2016)


Bob Balaban, actor, director, and producer of and in countless films.
Richard Dreyfus, civics enthusiast.
Ivy Meeropol, director, producer, "Heir to an Execution," "Indian Point," and CNN Films.
Jeff Smith, University of Wisconsin Film and Research Center.
Joe Benincasa, CEO, The Actors Fund.
Sean Rickets, Sardi's Restaurant.


Lisa and Richard discuss democracy.



A HUGE THANK YOU TO EVERYBODY WHO HAS HELPED SO FAR (Molly, George, Bob, Tom, Constance, Barbara, Joe - you know who you are!)

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    You may remember my older sister, Anne Gilbert (Drew) -- she became a damn good documentarian. I was in class of '66. Thrilled you're doing this.
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