A narrative feature film about healing from childhood trauma.

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Suburban Blues, City Lights A Project of Feature Films

A healing journey...


Suburban Blues, City Lights is a narrative feature film that follows Simone, an aspiring dancer who endures a dark night of the soul. Unexpected events in her life trigger a healing journey in which she addresses issues from her past through the lens of virtual reality (with a sci-fi twist).


I'm fascinated by the power of the subconscious mind–how it holds images and emotions from our past, which affect our present moment reality.

The beauty is that we also hold the power to reprogram our subconscious minds to create a new reality.

Unprocessed, painful memories from one's past can hold an individual back from reaching their full potential in life.

What if we could revisit these old memories, feel them fully, effectively process and re-engineer our internal representations of them and finally, release them?

This is what modern psychology often attempts to do.

I love the limitless, imaginative possibilities of cinema. In Suburban Blues, City Lights, I have combined this psychological practice with the aesthetic conceit of virtual reality. I'm using these devices in order to tell the story of how a young woman journeys from a life lived on self-destructive autopilot to one in which she is fully in control of creating a positive future for herself.


I am dedicated to the cause of producing films that are mindful--both in terms of content as well as process. I focus on creating what I call "spiritual cinema"--stories that are compelling, truth-seeking and ultimately, inspirational. Suburban Blues, City Lights is really, at its core, a story of healing from childhood trauma. My hope is that it helps audiences along on their own respective spiritual journeys. A few relevant themes that the film focuses on are the power of the subconscious mind, releasing victimhood through self-empowerment and making happiness an "inside job".

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Writer/Director, Suburban Blues, City Lights



I've worked with an experienced line producer to develop an accurate budget for the project, which is currently set at $485,405.

We are hoping to raise a sizeable portion of that goal here in order to hire a co-producer, casting director, attach talent for key roles and move into pre-production. We are currently seeking individual + corporate donations as well as grants.

Here are a just a few of the other things that your donation will be going towards:

  • Location Fees
  • Production Design
  • Equipment Rentals
  • Cast/Crew Fees
  • Post-production Expenses
  • Meals

...and much more!


I intend to depict the varying moods in the film through a combination of strategic lighting, color scheme and sound design. The melancholy of Simone's depression and traumatic memories will come through in grayish blue tones (think Blue is the Warmest Color) and neon colors will be used to heighten the chaos of her fragmented self-destruction (somewhat akin to Enter the Void).

The scenes that reflect love and healing will be captured with more natural light, utilizing soft sunshine to heighten their effect. The immersive memory sequences of the film will be shot from Simone's POV (ala The Diving Bell and the Butterfly + Strange Days).


Nicole Wensel is an award-winning writer, director, actress and producer. She attended college at the University of Southern California's School of Cinematic Arts. While at USC, Nicole studied filmmaking and entrepreneurship and graduated with a B.A. in Film Production. During and post-college, Nicole worked on various film sets, in development offices, produced many short films and mentored under top industry professionals, including Ridley Scott, Will Smith and President of Fox 2000 Pictures, Elizabeth Gabler. She currently owns and operates the production company, Conscious Cinema Co., which focuses on creating films for expression, inspiration and positive social change.

Her first feature film, Quarter Life Coach, which Nicole wrote, directed, starred in and exec produced, was created on a shoestring budget and received the Merit Award of Awareness at the Awareness Festival and the Gold Award at the IFF for Women, Social Issues and Zero Discrimination in Indonesia. Nicole has contributed to and been featured in publications such as Tribeca Shortlist, Agnès Films, Film Courage, GirlTalkHQ, Feminist Wednesday, Katy Magazine and many more. Nicole is an active member of Film Fatales, Alliance of Women Directors, Film Powered, USC SCA Alumni, Film Independent and The Director List.

About Conscious Cinema Co.

Conscious Cinema Co. is a production company specializing in boutique commercial + feature film production based in Los Angeles, CA. Conscious Cinema Co. was created to set a new standard in the film & entertainment community: a standard of compassion, respect, kindness and support for fellow artists and individuals.

Films in the Conscious Cinema Co. repertoire focus on creative personal expression, mindfulness and social issues.

There is also a strong focus on producing films ethically, with integrity and respect for all of the work that goes into creating movies. This value system is at the core of all productions.


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