When White Institutions Generate Billions Using Free Black Labor

Once upon a time black college athletic programs were home to top tier talent. Desegregation ruined these programs . With billions of dollars at stake can black colleges convince top tier black athletes to return?? Contribute to help us produce this film.

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How Desegregation Killed Black College Sports...

Our country has never been more divided in my time on this earth. There is a palpable feeling of discord. The sad thing is while there may be valid points of contention on all sides we have devolved into a cacophony of critical communication. In order for our country to come together each community must focus less on what other communities may be doing to wrong them and more on what they can do to better themselves. To that end I wanted to explore this strange phenomena in sports where in black athletes spend countless hours perfecting their craft in hopes of representing predominantly white universities in athletic endeavors. These endeavors generate billions of dollars that never recirculate to the black community. Odd isn't it. The community supports the efforts of these families and athletes and in many cases the sole desire is that these athletes "get out", which means they never come back and neither does the benefit of all that support. Why does the community not value itself?? Why is success defined as acceptance outside of the community?? I am a believer in supporting yourself as an individual and as a community. As a matter of fact my mission going into my collegiate studies was to change the way minorities are viewed and view themselves using media. In this current societal climate I feel it is more important than ever that all communities increase their self reliance in order to better participate and contribute to this American experiment.

"The white Institutions went in (black communities) and cherry picked the best blue chip athletes.."

-Dr. Harry Edwards, Sociologist

"...giving them $50,000 of educational value is under compensating, and so, economically, that's exploitation."

-Andy Schwarz, Sports Economist

I am an admitted "sports dad". I am unapologetic about my fanaticism. When my son began to excel athletically I happily threw my resources behind his pursuits. In between shuttling him around to games, trainers, and practices I would watch sports on television and the stark contrast between the race of fans, administration and coaches and the race of alot of the players struck me. It struck me in pro sports but especially in college ranks. Maybe it struck me because the athletes aren't compensated financially or maybe because I suspect the delusions of grandeur many of them are lured there under. Nonetheless it struck me. As I watched my son become increasingly successful it occurred to me that maybe one day he would be one of those athletes. Wouldn't it be absurdly ironic if my son would work his whole life for the "honor" to generate billions for a white school?

Even though the story is mine I know I share it with others. I also know that the conversation has a myriad of angles to it. We can all agree that there is no one right type of school for every type of student. And so I wanted to document this journey we are on. I wanted to explore this subject from a personal, professional and academic point of view. I wanted to find out how this all came to be, what it means in this current day and time, and where we are headed in the future. As the son of a Jamaican immigrant, the son of a pre-Civil Rights era Southern gentleman and a second generation black entrepreneur I feel uniquely qualified to contribute to my community by exploring this story and many more like it.

"There is a movement ready to spark. I believe this film could be at the forefront."

-Bobby Spears

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