We have created a multi-layered project designed to fight human trafficking in an innovative way.

We need your help in bringing our coalition and film to life

Film With A Cause - Help End Trafficking/Slavery A Project of Feature Films

It can happen here. It doesn't know age, sex, race or religion. In the time it took you to read this it has happened.

We are starting this campaign to create a project designed to fight human trafficking. Our mission is to bring awareness to those individuals who have been the victims of trafficking worldwide, emphasizing our ability to bring awareness to our own communities while joining forces with groups that have been successful in rescuing those in slavery. Your support gives all those whose lives have been impacted by the trauma and loss of being the victims of trafficking a fresh start.

Our Story

What Did She Say has been created as a feature length film project. The elements of the project are designed to produce and sell the film for major distribution. We are already in talks with well-known actors, thanks to our casting directors with Liz Lewis Casting. In our creative way, we as filmmakers have honored to donate a portion of our fundraising and a portion of the proceeds from the project to several major non-profit organizations that directly impact the lives of those who have been through the victimization of human trafficking.

The non-profit organizations that will directly benefit include Polaris Project, the Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking, We Are Free, and several directly impacted Midwestern organizations, such as the Central Missouri Stop Human Trafficking Coalition, the Heartland Alliance, the Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation, The Dreamcatcher Foundation, Stop Child Slavery, and Traffick Free. Bringing these coalitions together in one project, our goal is to grow one of the largest grassroots awareness campaigns to bring together resources, awareness, and show that everyone can be a part of something greater by helping even one person in need who has been rescued from human trafficking.

This is a small but essential campaign for us to raise the first $40,000 needed to develop the film and combine the campaigns together for our upcoming fundraising event in Chicago. Making a film of this size is expensive, but every thoughtful donation will help us get the entire project launched. Everyone's voice counts.

The proceeds of the campaign will be divided as follows:

17% will go to create our international sales projections to find distribution.

28% will go to secure our A-list talent.

20% will go to our marketing, social media, website development, and development funds so we can start pre-production

25% will go into our legal documents.

10% will go to the organizations so they can join us in our fundraising efforts.

We are aiming to host the What Did She Say Fundraising Event here in Chicago, Illinois October 28th, 2017. We will need to get our campaigns together within the next four to eight weeks in order to host this event. Since our timeline is so short, anyone who can donate more than $50 will be immediately entered into a drawing for 2 VIP tickets to the Celebrity Fundraiser, a value of $1600. We also need all of our development completed by then so we can start pre-production by January 2018.

With all of our production team in place, and with the support of loyal fans like you, we can make a film that will impact the lives of thousands of individuals who need to be identified as victims of human trafficking. This will also allow our partner organizations to bring awareness to those victims who have escaped and need financial and community support. This is a big step for us. Your support not only gives to a great project, but to all those whose lives have been impacted by the trauma and loss of being the victims of trafficking.

We are so grateful for what you can do to help us. Not only will your contribution put you in the drawing for the 2 VIP tickets for the fundraising event in Chicago, but you will also receive other gifts as well:

  • For a gift of $20 to $50, a personal thank you by phone, handwritten note or e-mail from the producers (your choice)
  • For a gift of $51 to $100, personal thank you plus entry into drawing
  • For a gift of $101 to $250, both incentives above plus a commemorative "What Did She Say" Coffee mug
  • For a gift of $251 to $500, all of the above plus two passes to the movie or a free download of the movie when available (your choice)
  • For a gift of $501 to $1000, all of the above plus 2 General Admission tickets to Celebrity Fundraiser (valued at $350)
  • For a gift of $1001 to $1500. all of the above plus a 30 minute consultation call with the production staff of "What Did She Say"
  • For a gift over $1500 -- VIP PACKAGE! Personal thank you, commemorative mug, two free passes to movie OR free download (your choice), 30 minute consultation call, limited edition movie poster signed by the director, an appearance on the podcast "Movietime! with Graycon Sonata" AND 2 VIP Tickets to the Celebrity Fundraiser (value $1600) and special recognition at the fundraiser as a "Warrior Against Human Trafficking"
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