This is a film about the unnoticed, the unseen.

The film explores individuality and how external elements affects behavior.

EMME: Short Film A Project of Shorts

A tale about betrayal, the disenfranchised, the unseen.


There needs to be more perspectives offered in the medium of film that comes from a non white immigrant who was raised in the USA. As a filmmaker and artist, my intent is to offer new perspective, to offer a moment of empathy, and let the viewers gain some measure of insight as to what it is to exist in the world as a minority.

This is a script that I have been writing for the last two years. This film explores the dynamics of individuality and what it really means to exist as a person who is stereotyped and generalized in everyday life. This film explores the ways in which external perceptions of others can have real life affects on how our behavior is shaped and changed as we navigate through the world. Everything is connected.


Instead of antagonizing the act of being stigmatized for our gender and/or race this film will explore how we can flip these perceived disadvantages to our advantage. In this film we ask: What does our individual change look like when we finally acknowledge that the stigma given to us is out of our control?

In many ways this film revolves around the relationship between futility and control. Two potent aspects of the human condition that are at odds with one another, and yet they coexist in our every day lives. Can they be reconciled?

Personal Goal

I want to raise money for this film because it is my dream and goal to be a film director that has the ability to show and talk about certain aspects of being human that is often overlooked or unacknowledged. My personal curiosity lies in the liminal space between the mind and the external world. There is something there, and yet we have no idea what it is. I want to tell a stories that has the ability to point out these voids through a narrative context instead of simply presenting raw information.

The Funds / Budget Distribution

The Team

The Writer/Director - Toshiki Yashiro

Toshiki is a full time artist, photographer and filmmaker. His ongoing dreams of becoming a filmmaker stems back from when he first picked up his family's video cassette camcorder at the age of 14. Since then he has earned an MFA at Tufts University, studying cinema and art history with the underlying, constant goal of being able to create expressive narratives through a cinematic medium. He was mentored by the renowned artist Maria Magdalena Campos Pons and a Guggenheim fellow filmmaker Jane Gilooly. Toshiki has worked professionally as a commercial content creator as well as exhibiting his art in gallery spaces. His insights on the contemporary art community, the commercial industry and film theory makes him well equipped to create his first narrative fiction work that he has been writing for the past two years.

Producer - Enmi Yang

Enmi is currently the Founder and Editor in Chief of a Houston based print editorial called USA Phase Magazine. Enmi is also a photographer and artist who works in many different mediums that best suits her artistic concepts. She has a very realistic understanding of the relationship between being an artist and being a business oriented worker. This type of philosophy and lifestyle makes her the perfect candidate to be the sole producer of this film.

Art Director(s) - Parker Thornton and Jared M. Royal

Parker and Jared are a team that works incredibly well together. They recently shot and branded a campaign for a popular sportswear brand called Outdoor Voices. Their works are beautifully shot and well executed. They have come onboard as the Art Director duo to create EMME.

Director of Photography - Garson Ormiston

Garson is a filmmaker and cinematographer based out of Austin. Graduating UT as a film major, he works both as a director and cinematographer. He recently shot a music video that premiered on His works are beautifully shot and has an incredible eye for composition and color.

Production Manager/AD - Sky Mejias

Sky is the Creative Director for a Houston based print Magazine called USA Phase Magazine. Her keen taste in art and color theory is very apparent in her work and has a very dependable and respectable work ethic that will allow us to be at ease in terms of organization and management.

We are a group of artist, filmmakers, photographers who have all come together as a team in order to work towards a singular collective goal.

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