Transmission - Root to Branches A Project of Documentaries

A Feature length documentary film about the lineage and future progressions of jazz dance

The first ever film to fully document Jazz Dance, TRANSMISSION features leading experts, award winning choreographers, and celebrities ...

and this is your chance to play a part in bringing the history of jazz dance to the future generations for years to come!

TRANSMISSION is an in-depth documentary that offers a complete history of Jazz Dance, from its roots in slavery to the various branches that compromise the open-ended continuum of this diverse and enduring art form. History, diversity, potential and its evolution are a focus, and interviews with the worlds leading figures in this field, together with news footage, archive performance footage and rehearsal film, will place this art form in context - socially, politically and artistically.

Stage one of filming in London is complete, and stage two gets underway soon in Chicago and NYC. We are fundraising to complete the story, with filming in LA, NYC #2 and London #2 before moving into post production.

After a festival run and short hybrid theatrical release, we will self distribute, guaranteeing release on Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu, ensuring we leave a legacy for future generations. We truly hope you will help us in this worthy cause.

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    More financial support coming once the other biz is doing well are a natural Lisa, do your stuff !!
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    Well done Khadifa and good luck!
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    I love jazz and dance and hence the combination of the two art forms, and delighted to support the production which will be enlightening.
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    Such an exciting project Zak I can't wait to see it
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