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The Legacy of The Parent Trap A Project of Documentaries

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Why are we producing a documentary on "The Parent Trap"?

Stories of old Hollywood, and classic films like, "THE PARENT TRAP" continue to be sought after. Family Films Productions believes that memories and stories from the people that were apart of these films will last a lifetime. Hayley Mills continues to be a popular name not only in Great Britain but in the Disney family.

During the 1960s Hayley Mills was one of the most well-known actresses to work for Walt Disney. She not only landed the double role of twins, Sharon & Susan, but also, in Pollyanna, and That Darn Cat. So why are we making this film? The answer is simple, we want to showcase the history of "The Parent Trap", and preserve the memories about one of the most popular live-action Walt Disney films ever made. We will also be taking an inside look at the split-screen technical side of the Parent Trap. This will be educational about the history on that process as it had been used on film in previous generations. The Story of the Parent Trap continues to have many fans well into 2018. In this documentary, we will take a inside look at Erich Kastner the German author who published the original story, about Lisa & Lottie. Das Doppelte Lottchen also known as "The Double Lottie".

We are honored that Hayley Mills, among others, will be participating in this film. In association with Christopher Inlow Entertainment, Family Films Productions is producing a brand new Disney-approved full-length documentary on Walt Disney's Parent Trap film series, Entitled The Legacy of The Parent Trap.

Why are you raising funds now?

We have already filmed over half of our interviews for this production, and are very close to the finish line. We know what we want to do, but we need your help so we can finish our interviews, and complete the production.

Why should I support this?

"The Legacy of The Parent Trap" not only covers the days at Disney in the 1960s during the filming of The Parent Trap and its production but also the sequels

in 1986 and 1989. In 2002, Les Perkins produced for Disney The Parent Trap: Caught in the Act, a 20-minute film that glanced over in passing The Parent Trap II and the sequels but did not show on-camera of the actors outside of Hayley Mills, and the top-billed actors, Maureen O'Hara, Susan Henning, and Joanna Barnes from the 1961 original film. None of the actors from 80s Parent Trap remakes even appeared on-camera. The short feature was outstanding, however, it left many viewers with many questions.

Our film, will not only include Hayley Mills, Susan Henning, and among others cast and crew from the 1961 and various sequels.

Not every day on the set of production was a happy time for those that worked for Disney. Deborah Amelon, scriptwriter for The Parent Trap III, shares for the first time ever publicly Disney's unfair treatment of her (while writing the script) and they demanded she choose between finishing the script or caring for her newborn son before and after pregnancy. The true story of The Parent Trap and the legacy needs to be told. We hope you will support us in the venture. A BIG Thank you to From The Heart Productions, LLC for supporting, our film and believing in this documentary.

Is Disney aware of this new film?

The Disney Company is aware of this material and approved by them. The Parent Trap documentary is an independent production from Family Films Productions. Photos will be licensed in connection with the Parent Trap film series for illustrative purposes. We hope to license some film clips, from the Parent Trap films.

ast and Crew Information

The Legacy of The Parent Trap includes Tom Skerritt, Carrie Kei Heim, Monica Creel Lacy, and Teresa Andersen, the late Bridgette Andersen's mother who speaks about her daughter's time on The Parent Trap II. Other interviewees filmed include Susan Henning (twin double for The Parent Trap), Ron Maxwell (director of The Parent Trap II), Tommy Sands (singer of The Parent Trap song), and even Joanna Barnes (The Parent Trap (1961) and ((1998)). Finally, we are honored that Hayley Mills will be participating in our film.

Additionally featured on-camera is original cast member Kay Cole, who worked on the 1961 film, Patricia Richardson of Home Improvement and The Parent Trap III/Hawaiian Honeymoon, and actor Christopher Gartin (The Parent Trap III). Deborah Amelon, scriptwriter for The Parent Trap III, shares for the first time ever Disney's unfair treatment of her (while writing the script) and they demanded she choose between finishing the script or caring for her newborn son before and after pregnancy. Bill Cotter, Disney historian and author will be speaking about the film and sharing some insight on "The Parent Trap", for all to enjoy. A very special treat will be in story for the film as well. We have been provided with a very rare interview with the late Director/Writer David Swift recorded before he died.

Two new original songs, "Getting Together Again"; and a lullaby called Always Here For You", will be featured in The Legacy of The Parent Trap. They are composed and written by Aaron Pacentine.

Christopher Inlow As The Narrator

Christopher Inlow is an accomplished actor, singer, and model from Alexandria, VA. Known for his hard work ethic and award-winning performances, Christopher has received national recognition for his unique character work on stage, television, and in film. He has landed supporting roles in films such as Snake River (*the world's first virtual reality film), L. Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz., Deer Crossing, Apocalypse Kiss, Ninjas vs. Monsters, the upcoming family western The Lonesome Trail, in 2012 Christopher was nationally awarded Horror Host of the Year as the lovable character "Slo Frank", for which he appeared on the 3 time Telly Award winning television show Monster Madhouse, The Frank and Sally Holiday Specials, and The legendary Creature Feature with Count Gore De Vole. Christopher Inlow (as Slo Frank) was recently inducted into a Horror Host Wall of Fame.

Aaron Pacentine - The Producer

Aaron Pacentine is the owner of Family Films Productions and producer of The Legacy of The Parent Trap. Aaron also produced the 2013 documentary The Wonderful World

of Oz: Celebrating the Oz Community about the Oz/Judy Garland community. In 2017, he released Reflections in the Mirror, a spin-off of Disney's Return to Oz and is currently in production on another Disney-approved film titled, Remembering Return to Oz, a documentary look back on memories featuring the cast/crew of Disney's 1985 film Return to Oz. Remembering Return to Oz stars Fairuza Balk, director Walter Murch, and producers Paul Maslansky and Gary Kurtz. This documentary marks the first time in over 30 years that the main cast and crew of Return to Oz have been together in a feature to talk about the 1985 film.


Our budget is a total of $10,000. The amount will cover the additional funds to finish all our interviews and complete our production. Original music will be composed for the documentary, as well as licensing several photos, and related materials for the documentary. You can follow production updates, directly at our official facebook page for "The Legacy of The Parent Trap" at

Marketing / Distribution Plan

We have approximately have seven other film distributors interested in possibly distributing this documentary when it is completed. However, we need the rest of the financing to complete the film, which has an amazing and timeless story relating to popular culture. Here are just a few of them that we have spoken to that would be interested in possibly in taking on the film to market and distribute.

Dreamstreet Entertainment

Dreamstreet Entertainment is owned by producer/director/filmmaker Gloria Morrison, who began her theatrical career as a respected stage actress and singer, appearing in over 45 stage plays ranging from musical comedies to Shakespeare. Her first film as a producer, which was also Sony's first movie, was Midnight in 1989, starring Tony Curtis and Lynn Redgrave. Over the next 15 years, Gloria produced 15 feature-length television dramas for CBS, NBC, ABC, USA, and Disney, becoming one of the industry's top go-to producers for obtaining the rights to true life stories. Spy Magazine called her the Queen of True Stories &Working with the major networks and studios, Gloria advanced 38 projects into full development, including Firestorm: 72 Hours In Oakland, What Happened To Bobby Earl, Contagious, Murder Among Friends, Nobody Knows Anything, Ground Zero, Timberland, True Detective, El Destino, and No Safe Haven. Today Mrs. Morrison is developing a lineup of feature films and television projects under her new banner of Dreamstreet Entertainment, LLC.

Indie Rights Inc

Indie Rights Inc. is a Los Angeles-based company that has been in business since producing their first film NSYNC Bigger Than Live, a Giant Screen Movie that played to sold out crowds worldwide, in 2000. NSYNC Bigger Than Live was one of the very first commercial films to play on IMAX screens all over the world. Indie Rights Inc. has released several different films,including Dreams on Spec, a 2007 documentary featuring interviews with James L. Brooks, Nora Ephron and Carrie Fisher; Flesh On Fire: Addicted to a Dream, winner of the 2014 LA Film, TV & Webisode Festival Audience Award for best documentary; American Songwriter, Michael Altman's award-winning 2012 documentary that spawned a sequel; and OzLand, a 2014 Oz-themed fantasy/sci-fi drama inspired by L. Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and directed and produced by Michael Williams.

Gravitas Ventures

Gravitas Ventures, LLC is an international film distribution company formed in 2006 and located El Segundo, California. In April, 2011, in partnership with Variance Films, Gravitas Ventures released their first in-theaters title, the documentary American: The Bill Hicks Story. That title was also released simultaneously on VOD. In August, 2011, Gravitas was ranked number 208 in Inc. Magazine's Top 500 Fastest Growing Private Companies in Amercia.

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The Legacy of The Parent Trap is a great opportunity to be involved in an amazing Disney approved production about one of their most famous films. Every little bit counts and Family Films Productions believes in this project as many others do. Would you like to help sponsor and work with us so we can finish the film? Thank you, and we can't do this without your support. Remember your donation is tax deductible.

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