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Pictures of Infinity A Project of Documentaries

A feature documentary that brings to light Nikola Tesla's vision for a sustainable energy future

Good luck with this project. If you do it right, it deserves all the funding it can get
- Neil deGrasse Tyson

Please stay in touch with me. I am eager to advise you in whatever way I can to help your production move forward. The subject matter is of enormous importance to humanity
- Dr. Eugene Mallove

Neil deGrasse Tyson is an American astrophysicist, science communicator, writer, and currently the Director of the Hayden Planetarium and a research associate in the department of astrophysics at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City.

Dr. Eugene Mallove (1947-2004) was a scientist, science writer, editor and publisher of Infinite Energy Magazine and founder of the non-profit organization New Energy Foundation.


More than one hundred years ago the great scientist, engineer and humanitarian Nikola Tesla discovered that the spinning earth creates an infinite reservoir of natural electricity and invented a system to harness it, based on an entirely new understanding of physics.

This was his radical solution to the global energy crisis but his ideas were so advanced for that time, and challenging to mainstream science, that all funding for his projects was withdrawn, his name seemed to disappear from the history books, and since then all of this visionary work has remained veiled in mystery.

Long veiled in secrecy, the film will explore the work of a small and dedicated group of scientists and inventors around the world who are studying Tesla's writings and reproducing his experiments. They believe that harnessing this infinite, nontoxic and renewable source of energy has the potential to rid the earth of radioactive waste, to stop the destruction of natural resources, and to render the use of fossil fuels, hydroelectric and nuclear power virtually obsolete.

Pictures of Infinity will illuminate the profoundly ecological view of science revealed by these experiments and inventions, making the principles it is based on both visible and audible. The film weaves together dramatic scenes from Tesla's life, revealing his deep connection to the natural world; the work of contemporary scientists and inventors who are building on Tesla's discoveries; and poetic and musical representations of this new concept of energy made with computer-animated graphics, documentary images of the natural environment, and with original music based on the same principles of resonance, harmonics and vibration that Tesla was applying to harness the natural energy of the earth.

The film follows the events in Tesla's life that led to his greatest achievement, and the ethics and values that were the deepest motivation for all of his work.In the process it will reveal the soul and spirit of a true scientist and humanitarian whose passionate quest for knowledge was always at the service of life.

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Why This Film

Nikola Tesla discovered an infinite, nontoxic and renewable source of energy and invented a whole system to harness it. He considered this his greatest achievement, but it is still misunderstood by the mainstream scientific community.
His intuitive understanding of nature differed radically from the current science of nuclear physics and relativity.

This is an entirely new realm of energy, and it is the single most phenomenal discovery I have ever experienced in my life. Bringing it to light could change the whole world, irrevocably. Imagine if everyone knew we are surrounded by an infinite source of natural electricity that could be harnessed to meet global energy needs, and that doing so would be relatively simple. It could be the end of global warming, of environmental destruction to meet basic human needs, and would elevate the standard of living for everyone on the planet

This is the chance we all have now, to honor the great legacy Nikola Tesla left behind, the life work he considered his greatest achievement, that disappeared amidst two world wars, the development of the atomic bomb, and great personal tragedy and loss.

I believe Nikola Tesla's vision of a living universe that is filled with the dynamic energy he called the 'wheelwork of nature', the principles of energy he discovered, and the strong ethical foundation of all of his work, provides a historical precedent for a radical new direction in science and civilization, and it is one that is absolutely essential now.
This is why I am making
Pictures of Infinity.
- Helen Hall

Producer, Director, Writer, Composer
Helen Hall

Helen Hall first entered the world of filmmaking with Powerlines, a documentary about the mystery of electromagnetic fields, which began as a musical score based on the sound waves of electromagnetic radiation. Powerlines was premiered at the Vancouver International Film Festival in 1998 and won the International Jury Award at the International Festival of Films on Energy in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1999. The film most recently participated in Green Unplugged, a global film festival online, and has been featured in a book (Design Noir, Anthony Dunne, UK), a magazine (Musicworks, Toronto), the soundtrack has been released independently on CD.She also produced a website for Powerlines.

Hall's music has been performed and broadcast in North America and Europe, and has been featured on CBC Radio's Two New Hours, Radio-Canada's Musique Actuelle, Le Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville (Quebec), The Scotia Festival of Music (Nova Scotia, Canada), New York's Bang on a Can, Sonic Disturbance Festival of Sound in Ohio and the Subtropic Music Festival in Florida, and in prestigious venues such as Merkin Concert Hall in New York.

Helen Hall's writing and research has been published by Leonardo Magazine (MIT Press), and Musicworks, Toronto).She has been a guest lecturer in Music, Literature, Visual Art and Film departments in Canada and the U.S. and has taught music and sound design at the National Theatre School of Canada for a period of ten years. She has an extensive background in classical music, and has studied computer and electronic music, the physics and acoustics of sound, and sound engineering. While studying computer music she began to understand music in physical, acoustic terms. This led to her further understanding of music as an 'energy system', and to independent research into electromagnetism and the work of Nikola Tesla, who based his understanding of electromagnetism on acoustics. The documentary film project Pictures of Infinity is the result of this research. Development of the film involved research at the Nikola Tesla Archive of Columbia University, research and filming at the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade, and in other parts of Serbia, and a Visiting Research Fellowship from the Bakken Library and Museum of Electricity in Life in Minneapolis, U.S.A.

Helen Hall's work has received support from the Canadian Independent Film and Video Fund, the Canada Council for the Arts, le Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec, the Department of External Affairs Canada, the National Film Board of Canada, the Flemish Government of Belgium, and the Bakken Library and Museum of Electricity in Life. Helen Hall lives and works in Montreal, Canada

It is our opinion that the beneficiary (Helen Hall), working as a director, has a history of extraordinary achievement in this field of endeavor and that the prospective services clearly require an individual with this level of professional and artistic achievement.
- Vivian Lien, Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers

Helen Hall is an accomplished filmmaker and composer with a broad base of knowledge. In her work in film, she has focused on cutting edge scientific thought in the area of energy and has demonstrated a commitment to expanding understanding of the ways in which our use of energy affects us individually and as a world society. Her first 16mm film, Powerlines, was the winner of the International Jury Award at the International Festival of Films on Energy in Lausanne in 1999. Pictures of Infinity is a more controversial project yet will address qustions of an alternative source of energy. This feature length documentary is richly conceived and the project is based on extensive research, internationally acclaimed participants and a focus on the genius of Tesla - the late Jeanne Ritter, President, Domino Film and the distributor for Hall's films

Helen is a brilliant artist in many ways. She has total dedication to her art. The knowledge she has about Tesla, his life and his inventions, is vast. She is the perfect person for this monumental job of producing and directing the film on his greatest invention. - Carole Dean, President of From The Heart Productions, Co-Producer and Fiscal Sponsor of this film

Carole Dean, From The Heart Productions

As president and CEO of From The Heart Productions, Carole Dean has produced over 100 television programs including the popular cable programs Filmmakers and HealthStyles, where she interviewed some of the biggest names in the industry including Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Weil and Dr. Caroline Myss. In 1992 Carole created the Roy W. Dean Grant Foundation in honour of her late father. To date Carole's grant and mentorship programs have provided filmmakers with millions of dollars in goods and services and have played an instrumental role in establishing the careers of some of the industry's most promising filmmakers.

From the Heart Productions is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization started by Carole Dean in 1992, and dedicated to funding films that are "unique and make a contribution to society".

Director of Photography
Iris Ng

Iris Ng is a cinematographer with over a decade of experience collaborating with award-winning filmmakers and artists on over sixty projects in documentary, art, narrative films, series television, commercials, and music videos. Her credits include Stories We Tell directed by Sarah Polley (Best Canadian Film – Toronto Film Critics Association, Best Documentary – Los Angeles Film Critics Association, and Best Non-Fiction Film – New York Film Critics Circle), Herman's House directed by Angad Bhalla (Emmy Award for Outstanding Arts & Culture Program), and The Ghosts in Our Machine directed by Liz Marshall (Best Canadian Feature – Planet In Focus International Film and Video Festival), as well as films directed by Fredrik Gertten, Rama Rau, Min Sook Lee, Michael McNamara, Martha Burns, Fisher Stevens, Vikram Jayanti, and artists Chris Curreri, and Oliver Husain. Soon to be released projects include Storyline Entertainment's League of Exotic Dancers, the NFB's The Apology, Yap Films' Loretta Lynn: Still a Mountain Girl, and Making a Murderer, a multi-episode documentary series produced in the U.S.

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