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'The City of Widows'

One meal a day and a lifetime of grief. This is the tragic reality for thousands of women in Vrindavan, India, also known as "The City of Widows." Vrindavan is the birthplace of the Hindu god, Lord Krishna, and a holy site for Hindu pilgrims. Impoverished women, many of whom have become widowed are consequently ostracized from their families and society and left abandoned in holy cities like Vrindavan. Widows seeking support and the promise of salvation in a later life, spend their days mourning the loss of their husbands, praying to Lord Krishna, and eating only a small portion of food every day.

India is home to over 40 million widows. Their stigma is their curse. They are often considered worthless and of no value and extremely vulnerable. Most become street beggars, often forced into homelessness, prostitution, and lives of despair. They are easily identified by their white saris, which leads to our project's name, Without Color.

A Story of Hope & Empowerment

Though the plight of widows is grave and urgent, this film will not focus on the negative aspect of their lives. We believe beyond their walls of oppression lives a beautiful soul and a wonderful story. We have learned from our travels that empowerment for women is one of the most important pillars that will lead to change. We have intentionally focused on stories of widows who have emerged from the shadows of their oppression and reclaimed their identity as beautiful, empowering, loved women.


When we first heard about this story, it touched our hearts. We discovered this story through an organization in India that empowers widows in Vrindavan by teaching them how to create jewelry and scarves that are sold in the United States. This opened our eyes to the issue and made us realize that there was a deeper story to be told that could make these women truly be known and tell this story of hope and empowerment.

The founders of White Rainbow produced this feature film also titled White Rainbow which brings awareness to the plight of widows in India.
A short piece produced by Oprah Winfrey about the widows of Vrindavan.


Our first trip to India was completed in July 2015 over 7 weeks in several cities throughout India. We privately raised $25,000 to fund this initial trip. We captured dozens of interviews and met amazing and beautiful women, and captured filmed their stories. Chitra is just one. You can see her story below. However, we did not feel that we captured the full depth of the stories that we believed encompassed these women's spirits of powerful perseverance. That is why we decided to return 1 year later.

This clip is a short preview from the full film that showcases Chitra's story of perseverance.


Phase II was a smashing success! We once again privately raised the funds to return to India with the intention of re-connecting with the women we met before to capture more depth to their stories.


It has been a tremendous journey and it brings us great pleasure to finally say we are in the final stages of finishing the film. Two years ago, this was only an idea, but now it will be a 50-minute film!

Spreading Awareness & Raising Support

From its inception in January 2015, Without Color has a history of a selfless commitment to giving a voice to a group of people who has been left without a voice. Every person involved has given their time completely for free and from their heart to make this possible. The team is made up of a group of talented and passionate filmmakers who sacrificed personal needs and traveled to India two separate times over 10 weeks, to capture the story that they believed needs to be shared with the world.

We believe action that causes change begins from a compassionate heart. We also believe that compassion for others comes from knowing someone else's story. By supporting this film you are directly helping us tell the story of a group of women who's voices have been taken from them. Your funds are allowing us to close the loop and finish the film, so that people can start to cultivate a love for these beautiful women and so that they can be known.

Our hope is that the film will also give people a desire to directly support organizations in

Where will the film go?

Great question! We are still working on the detailed distribution plan for the film, but our aim is to get the film shown to as many people as possible. We will start by showing the film in as many festivals as possible to start the conversation and spread awareness. We will also facilitate private screenings for anyone interested. Ultimately, our dream is to show the film in India and get it in front of the right eyes, who have influence to make great leaps toward addressing the widows' plight.

The $12,000 amount is the bare-minimum we need to finish the film, however there are additional costs that we will be actively fundraising to compensate the production team for their blood, sweat, and tears they have sacrificed to make complete this film. We take your contribution seriously, and take due diligence to spend your donations in a way that will best support the film and serve the mission of telling these women's stories. Your contribution will help us cover the following costs:

  1. Leftover Phase II Production costs
  2. Editing
  3. Licensing and legal fees
  4. Film festival entry costs

1. SHARE THIS CAMPAIGN: Spreading the word is always valuable. Even if you cannot financially give and believe in this cause, you can always raise awareness by sharing this campaign on your own social media profiles.

2. HELP US MAKE USEFUL CONNECTIONS: Community is key! This film was founded on connections that lead to other connections. If you know of people, organizations, non-profits, or anybody that should know about this film, please let us know!

3. BE AN AMBASSADOR: If your heart beats for this issue, and would like to be involved, we need you! We need people who we can actively engage to spread the word, start online dialogue around the issue, help us review the film, and advocate to show the film to as many people as possible. Please contact us if you would like to be a Without Color ambassador.

4. SPONSOR A WIDOW: You can directly sponsor a widow with monthly provisions. Please contact us and we will provide you with specific directions.

4. GIVE US FEEDBACK: We always love advice on what we can do better. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have feedback regarding anything around this film.

5. FOLLOW US: Stay connected with us on our social media platforms and on our newsletter. We will be sending updates periodically on the status of the film, including screenings you can attend.

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