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Anagennisi Films A Project of Feature Films

Άναγεννήση (Anagennisi) is the Greek word for rebirth. Symbolized by the phoenix, the rebirth at Anagennisi Films is the constant re-creation of new artists within the art of cinematography. Anagennisi is dedicated to using only first-time filmmakers, students, and incarcerated screenwriters in an effort to allow the realization of a life's dream. The primary goal of Anagennisi Films is to become a quality cinematic production company that is dedicated to helping those who dream of their part in filmmaking in the achievement of those dreams.

This goal will be achieved by facilitating an annual screenwriting contest for any person currently incarcerated in the United States. There are many individuals in prisons across the United States who are finding a healthy expression of themselves through writing, and many of these individuals feel that they can begin to make amends for their crimes by contributing to society in a positive way through their writing. Anagennisi Films would help to facilitate this by holding an annual screenwriting contest for incarcerated individuals. Screenplays submitted on a rolling basis by a predetermined deadline will be considered.

The winning screenplay will be produced by Anagennisi Films utilizing film students from various post-secondary schools in the United States as the principal filmmakers in the specific positions in which they have been training, under the guidance and mentorship of more seasoned professionals.

In these ways, Anagennisi Films is as much an educational venue for the aspiring filmmakers as it is a production company. Because of the educational focus, Anagennisi Films will eventually be organized as a 501(c)(3) organization under the Internal Revenue Code as an educational organization. We believe that this designation will help us to maximize our mission and be able to develop more filmmakers in their art.

The money raised from your donatations will help to launch and maintain the inmate screenwriting contest, develop the recruiting for film students, and establish the organization as a premiere venue for emerging filmmakers to get their start.

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