"Saturn Saved Me" is complete except for music licenses for digital distribution. Help me reach this important goal and finally put this out in the world!"

Saturn Saved Me A Project of Documentaries

Have you ever made a spiritual pilgrimage?
Traveled to India?
Consulted an astrologer or other fortuneteller?

I did them all and documented my experience as I glimpsed a somewhat disturbing vision of how my life would unfold.

My name is Sharon Smith and I'm a visual artist, documentary filmmaker, astrologer, and teacher of Tai Chi and other Taoist healing arts. I live and work in New York City and I've been dedicated to transforming my life through art and spiritual practice for over 35 years.

"Saturn Saved Me" is a personal documentary film that has been internationally recognized on the film festival circuit. It's a road movie with a twist, documenting my encounters with astrologers, diviners and more regular folks in the exotic atmosphere of India, and, along the way, sometimes in spite of their advice, my journey to greater self-understanding.

Some have called "Saturn Saved Me" uplifting, while others feel it shows that practitioners of the so-called spiritual arts are charlatans, but almost everyone finds it amusing and a revealing depiction of a personal journey.

As a seasoned traveler, professional astrologer, and practitioner of Asian spiritual disciplines (Tai Chi, qigong, yoga, meditation, etc.), I am well acquainted with the terrain that is commonly called "spiritual." But, like many people who think they "know", my journey held many surprises and led me into unexpected territory.The film contains beautiful music that needs to be licensed for distribution.

This is the final piece....Much gratitude for your help.

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