We are the Dream Holders for children in Zimbabwe

Two Service Retreats in 2017: May 19-26 and November 18-25

House of Loveness, Zimbabwe A Project of Other Projects

Join us in Zimbabwe in 2017 for the Qoya Service & Safari Retreat

Mother Africa: Birthing a New Vision

May 19-26 with Elan Vital McAllister and Lindsay McKinnon

When anything new wants to come into being,
whether a new book, a baby, or a business,
there are contractions, birth pains.

Most of us are feeling these contractions right now
both personally and collectively.

While we sometimes experience them as pain,
contractions mean we can expand.

Our choices dictate our impact in small and big ways.

Whether you are clear on the next choice you're being called to make or not,
the womb of Mother Africa will nourish you while also
pushing and inspiring you into higher levels of consciousness.

This Service & Safari Retreat is both an inner and outer journey.

When we lift others up, we heal ourselves.
We find clarity for ourselves by helping others.
We find personal truth by experiencing connection.

Connection has brought you here.

You sense you will find it through service to the land,
the animals, and the families of Africa, and in doing,
enrich your life in unknown and unknowable ways.

This trip is a game changer.

"This retreat changed my life profoundly. The children, the animals, the people of Zim, experiencing Qoya in mother Africa...will deepen your level of discovering your life purpose. As your heart opens so too will your soul eyes."

2017 House of Loveness Projects

If you donate for a specific item, please add the item info in the comments section when you complete the donation form. All amounts are appreciated. Keep your donation receipt (emailed upon donation) for tax purposes. And please consider joining us in Zimbabwe someday!

From Elan Vital McAllister, co-leader of the upcoming Qoya Service & Safari Retreat:

After a recent Qoya retreat to Zimabwe, Lindsay McKinnon and I felt called to return and create a project that would give back, in the best way that we know how, to a community that has deeply enriched and inspired each of us.

We are both doulas and passionate advocates for moms and babies so we've teamed up on a project to improve maternity care services for our friends and their families in the Wedsa region of Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe is listed as the 15th worst country in the world for maternal outcomes with 570 women dying per 100,000 births. There are huge cracks in the system of care that far too many women and babies fall through.

The overall need in Zim is incredible, well beyond even our collective ability to fix. But together we can save many precious lives and make a huge difference for hundreds of families in one very special community.

We were in Zim recently and met with local mothers, midwives, nurses, doctors and policy makers and together we came up with a solid plan! Lindsay and I have agreed to work with the community to overhaul and upgrade the local Idube Rural Health Center.

We began in December 2016 by building on-site housing for the nursing staff, followed by the creation of a mother's shelter, planting of a community garden, and structural upgrades to the farmhouse that houses the clinic.

We will continue work on this project together on this Service & Safari Retreat. Let's make a difference together! Here are more ways you can help. Any amount is appreciated.

$275 Pays for one Non-pneumatic Anti-shock Garment (NASG) and a three hour training for staff at the local clinic to learn how to apply and remove the garment. Zimbabwe is listed as 15th worst in the world for maternal deaths. The NASG is designed to prevent postpartum hemorrhage, one of the leading causes of maternal death. The NASG is fully endorsed by the World Health Organization. It is our desire to bring a NASG to each of the 13 clinics in district around Wedza, Zimbabwe where are service retreats are based. For more info on the life-saving NASG garments: http://www.safemotherhood.ucsf.edu/nasg/

To donate, click the donate box on this page and type in any amount.

$2,000 Pays for the creation of a "Mother's Shelter" at the Idube Rural Clinic. Women at higher risk of poor birth outcomes will be able to come and live at the Shelter for 1-3 weeks before their due date to insure that they have 24/7 access to care. The lack of reliable transport to the clinic or hospital in times of emergency puts women and babies at unnecessary risk. The Mother's Shelter offers a simple solution.

To donate, click the donate box on this page and type in any amount.

Other Ways to Help

Brighton, 2015

$3,333 Annual tuition and support for Brighton to go to private boarding school. Betsy Blankenbaker met Brighton in 2010. Both of his parents died by the time he was five. Brighton's days were spent looking after his grandfather. He had never been to school. With his grandfather's blessings Betsy enrolled Brighton in school. He walked into a classroom for the first time at the age of eight and within three years, he earned a place at a private boarding school in Zimbabwe. For the past two years Brighton has won awards for outstanding academic performance and is now #2 in his class. Every year, with a Circle of Global Aunties, House of Loveness makes it possible for Brighton to continue his education. Thank you to Brighton's Circle of Aunties who make his education possible by supporting this annual fund. Donations to Date: $1,200, still needed $2,133.

2015 - 2016 Projects

In 2015, House of Loveness teamed with Qoya (www.qoya.love/retreats) and the participants on the 2015 Qoya Service & Safari Retreat to fund a solar-powered library in Wedza. The library was completed with generous finishing funds donation by House of Loveness hero, Briana Rose. In 2016, the 4th annual Qoya Service & Safari Retreat provided funding for installation of a computer lab in the library. Thomas McKinnon of Roanoke, Virginia generously donated his resources and time to make the lab a dream come true.

Librarian Tonya, Thomas Mckinnon and Charles during computer lab installation in October 2016

Library Dedication October 2016

In 2016, we provided new uniforms for 140 boys and girls at Numwa School. In 2017, we would like to double our gift. All the uniforms are sewn by the local Women Empowerment Group.

"The support came at a time when it was least expected yet greatly needed. Some of the pupils were coming to school without uniforms while others with tattered ones. We would like you to know that by buying uniforms from our support group, you gave us a lot of financial support which we greatly value."

Numwa Mother Support Group.

Please join us for two service retreat options in 2017

"It was an amazing, heart opening, inspirational journey."

May 19-26th Mother Africa: Birthing A New Vision with Qoya Teachers Lindsay McKinnon and Elan Vital McAllister. http://www.qoya.love/zimbabwe-spring-2017

November 18-25 The 5th Qoya Service & Safari with Betsy Blankenbaker. Optional Add-on to Cape Town Wine Country November 26-30. To hold your spot, send an email to Betsy at mybetsy@mac.com

"In 2015 I attended Betsy's Qoya/service retreat in Zimbabwe with my then 17 year old son. I just returned from attending her Bali retreat with my eighty year old mother. Betsy is the consummate leader, teacher and guide. I trust her with my family. I trust her with my heart."

Tara Dixon, NYC

Qoya Service Retreats include seven nights shared accommodations at Imire Sable Lodge; three gourmet meals a day; 3-4 days working at a local school; education on the local rhino and elephant conservation efforts; daily game drives; sunset drinks & appetizers in the safari park; afternoon tea & tour of Wild is Life Animal Sanctuary and Zimbabwe Elephant Nursery: free time to swim, hike sacred mountains, see bushman cave drawings, horseback ride, rhino walks, elephant walks; and daily Qoya classes to integrate the experience of being in Africa. This trip to appropriate for singles, couples, families and friends.

"Thank you so much for the adventure of a lifetime."

For more info: mybetsy@mac.com

House of Loveness was created in 2008 by filmmaker/writer Betsy Blankenbaker to provide emergency and longterm care for vulnerable children and animals in Zimbabwe. (House of Loveness is NOT an orphanage.)

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